!@#$% on remarkable Phil Spencer interview & Gearbox sales

!@#$% on remarkable Phil Spencer interview & Gearbox sales
!@#$% on remarkable Phil Spencer interview & Gearbox sales
  1. Welcome to another episode of the Peepshow on Tuesday. The usually controversial section at Gamekings. Boris has an Easter breakfast and so Koos takes over his task for the week. Together with JJ they check the business concerns in the games industry over the past week. Always looking for a dispute, riot or juicy gossip. The two gentlemen present the news without mincing words. This week the two discuss Take Two’s purchase of Gearbox, a remarkable interview with Phip Spencer, and Nintendo’s potentially tough stance when it comes to used games. You will get all this content and more in the Peepshow of Tuesday, April 2, 2024.

Phil Spencer is once again an open book about Xbox’s direction

While Nintendo and PlayStation rarely give interviews about the route they want to take from a business perspective, Xbox boss Phil Spencer is an open book. He often gives interviews in which he talks about the company’s direction, doubts and motivations. Wonderful fodder for the Peepshow because his statements leave quite a bit of room for speculation. And that is exactly what we at Gamekings love so much. So what can JJ and Koos deduce from Spencer’s words? Should the soup be eaten that hot or is there room for nuance? You will get the answer in this episode.

Gearbox completes the circle

The two presenters also look at Take Two’s purchase of Gearbox. The Swedes of the Embracer Group sold the studio behind Borderlands and Brothers in Arms for almost 500 million dollars. Which makes a circle seem complete. Because the Borderlands series has always been published by Take Two. What do both think of the purchase and what are the consequences? You will see and hear all the answers in this edition of the Peepshow.

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