Samsung has overtaken the iPhone with the Galaxy S24, but what does that say?


Samsung has regained the leading position in the global smartphone market, overtaking Apple for the first time in five months. This was mainly because the new Samsung Galaxy S24 phones are selling relatively well.

Samsung sold 19.7 million smartphones in February, while Apple sold 17.4 million iPhones. The Korea Economic Daily reports this based on data from market researchers Counterpoint and Hana Securities.

Samsung had a market share of 20 percent in the global telephone market and even 34 percent in Europe. Samsung also grew remarkably fast in Apple’s home country, to a market share of 36 percent. That was an increase of 16 percentage points compared to January.

Was to be expected, but still

6.5 million of the Galaxy S24 series were sold until the end of February. That is half a million fewer than the predecessor S23 sold last year until the end of February, but the S24 came onto the market ten days later than the S23. As a result, the new sales figures are above expectations. The Galaxy S24 is also the main reason for the great growth in the US. The S24 accounted for 52 percent of Samsung phones sold in the country.

It was to be expected that Samsung would become the market leader again. The South Korean manufacturer launched the Galaxy S24 series at the end of January, while the iPhone 15 was already on the market in September. “The growing sales of the Galaxy S24 series are an encouraging sign,” a Samsung spokesperson told the South Korean newspaper.

Galaxy AI

With the Galaxy S24, Samsung is fully committed to its new Galaxy AI functions. These AI functions recently also came to the Galaxy S23, Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Flip 5 and the Galaxy Tab 9 after an update. Samsung sold 7.39 million units of its two new folding phones in the six months after their introduction, a fraction more than its predecessors.

Will Samsung keep this?

The question is whether Samsung will be able to continue the good sales start of the Galaxy S24 phones. Last year, no S23 model ultimately made it into the top 10 best-selling smartphones. Among those ten were three cheaper Samsung devices.

According to The Korea Economic Daily, Samsung aims to “raise the bar” in its battle with Apple this year, especially in the US market, by offering more discounts on premium smartphones.

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