Palworld has already lost 97% of players

Palworld has already lost 97% of players
Palworld has already lost 97% of players

Since the release of Palworld on January 19, the game has already lost 97% of its players, although that may sound more dramatic than it actually is.

At the beginning of this year it was of course difficult to ignore Palworld. The “Pokémon with guns” game quickly became a huge hype and quickly made waves by attracting more than a million simultaneous players.

However, what goes up quickly can also come down quickly and with a hype like Palworld this often means a drastic fall. At the beginning of March, the game managed to attract approximately 275,000 players every day, but more recently Palworld had to make do with a daily peak of just under 70,000 players. All in all, the game has lost 97% of its players since its absolution peak.

As said, it sounds quite dramatic, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be. As mentioned, a setback is to be expected and Palworld is also not a (free-to-play) live-service game that really focuses on attracting players day after day. Instead, they aim for updates in the future to get players excited about the game again, for example with the addition of PvP.

Whether Palworld will be able to attract more players again remains to be seen. After all, after the initial hype, the game may not be what many players had hoped for. Cheaters have also proven to be a real plague, causing many players to simply ignore the game and then it remains to be seen whether new content can change that.

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