Will the game go back to the beginning in terms of spawns?

Will the game go back to the beginning in terms of spawns?
Will the game go back to the beginning in terms of spawns?

The origin of Pokémon GO was in the 151 Pokémon from the Kanto region. These could be found all over the world. The starting point then was, as Ed Wu (Senior Vice President of Pokémon GO) stated in an interview with Eurogamer that the Pokémon appeared in the real world where you expected them to be. A huge amount of terrain data was collected, which is still visible in the game. Where there is water, you see water and where there is a forest, the playing field is dark green. The game’s algorithm could then link a Pokémon type to this, so that, for example, you encountered a Psyduck when you approached water.

That has become a bit ‘lost’ with the arrival of many more Pokémon. The most recent major innovation is an improvement in terms of the real location in the world and the time of play. That is of course a very nice and good development. However, there has recently been talk about the suggestion to make the Pokémon spawns more diverse again. This goes back to the origins of the game.

Maybe it will be so detailed that we will see Vanillite near ice cream parlors… Only time will tell! In any case, we think it’s a nice development!

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