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Robin Veldman was recently appointed as the new coach of Club NXT. In the past he was also active for Anderlecht, which caused a lot of reactions to his striking move.

After the regular season it became clear that Club Brugge would not continue with Ronnny Deila. He was fired. In the meantime, Nicky Hayen took over from the A-team, but then Club NXT was left without a coach.

Robin Veldman will now take over there until the end of the season. A striking move, given his past at Anderlecht. It provoked a lot of reactions on social media.

“I consider it a compliment that my new job is making a difference,” Veldman responded to Het Nieuwsblad. “It means that I have achieved something at Anderlecht, right? Anyway, in Brussels they also opted for new people at the time and then I have to move on. After three months I was also tired of sitting at home.”

After Deila’s dismissal, a nice position quickly became available at Club NXT. “A month earlier, I had already received an app from Guilian Preud’homme to discuss the future without obligation. Just like with players, Club also works with shadow lists for trainers.”

“But that day Guilian called at 10:30 a.m. with the proposal to take over at Club NXT until the end of the season. At 6 p.m. I was already in Bruges by taxi. If you can work at such a top club with great players and facilities: then you won’t say no,” Veldman concludes.

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