Mark Rutte receives important support for NATO candidacy, the US wants a decision by July at the latest

Mark Rutte receives important support for NATO candidacy, the US wants a decision by July at the latest
Mark Rutte receives important support for NATO candidacy, the US wants a decision by July at the latest

According to the American ambassador to NATO, Julianne Smith, it is necessary that clarity is provided quickly. Although Rutte has received support from several countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and France, the choice of a successor is taking longer than expected. Romanian President Klaus Iohannis is also in the race.

NATO countries will reach an agreement on one of these two “very impressive leaders” “hopefully in the coming weeks”, Smith said this afternoon ahead of consultations between member states’ foreign ministers this week. “We would certainly like to make a decision today rather than tomorrow. We want to see this resolved at the latest by the top in Washington.” It will take place in July.


The Alliance’s Secretary General must be appointed unanimously by the organization’s 32 members. Ambassador Julianne Smith previously targeted Easter. However, it appears that there is still some reluctance among Eastern European countries to appoint Mark Rutte.

Rutte received two important votes from Eastern Europe behind him today. Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda openly expressed his support for the Dutchman during the latter’s visit to the country. According to the Lithuanian head of state, Rutte is “one of the politicians who recognized the Russian threat early on” and “radically” adjusted his position accordingly.

Lithuania is considered a hawk within NATO and the EU when it comes to the fight against Russia. The Baltic country is calling for the toughest sanctions against Russia and calling for as much military, humanitarian, financial and diplomatic support as possible for Ukraine. Lithuania borders Russia and its ally Belarus.

‘Estonia can support him’

Estonia also believes that Rutte should get the position. Prime Minister Kaja Kallas announced this on X. She previously made comments about Rutte’s candidacy. She pointed out, among other things, that the Netherlands has not met the NATO standard for defense expenditure. She also thought that it would be a country from Eastern Europe’s turn to provide the top executive.

Kallas believes that a strong NATO should focus on Russia, increase defense spending and support Ukraine’s membership. “I have discussed these matters in depth with Mark Rutte and he supports these priorities. Estonia can support him as Secretary General of NATO,” she said.

Kallas previously also seemed to want to make a bid to succeed Jens Stoltenberg as boss of the Atlantic alliance, but she never officially put herself forward as a candidate.

According to insiders within NATO, 28 of the 32 NATO member states now support Rutte’s candidacy. Hungary has said it will not support Rutte.

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