One columnist writes something unkind about Vlaams Belang and that raises firecrackers and torches

One columnist writes something unkind about Vlaams Belang and that raises firecrackers and torches
One columnist writes something unkind about Vlaams Belang and that raises firecrackers and torches

For a progressive newspaper, this is allowed The morning counts quite a few right-wing rascals among his readers. One time you write something about those guys, in terms that are not even half as scandalous as those with which they terrorize minorities every day, and immediately you get a tsunami of shit over you. Accusations and threats, fueled by dog ​​whistles blaring from the balcony: party bosses, parliamentarians, even Driesje himself. Shouldn’t he be somewhere on YouTube studying how to smuggle a cell phone into a cell?

They immediately slip into their victim role, they, the representatives of the largest party and gang in Flanders, they are the ones who are bullied, the bullies, in that rare moment when they briefly put their stranglehold around the throats of migrants, Walloons, the LGBTQIA+- movement and everything that is not yellow and black and therefore woke. One columnist writes something unkind, because the rest no longer dare to do it, because their words are not worth the terror, and that is where the smells and torches rise.

Right-wing tears.

While I was just expressing my opinion, guys, like on your shady forums and WhatsApp groups. There was nothing wrong with that, right? I haven’t even said criminal things like you have. I didn’t hide behind anonymous accounts like you did. I have not threatened anyone like you, nor called for people who, in my opinion, say the wrong things to be hanged, as you would do with left-wing teachers once in power. I, a Flemish person, coming from the region where your kind is strongest, have merely expressed my opinion freely.

You immediately had a print made with a quote and my head in black and white, with the words ‘DEGOUTANT & RESPECTLESS’ spread over it. It just barely said ‘WANTED: DEAD OR ALIVE’. I’m just as happy that I’m white.

I have already fulminated against every political party in my pieces. Even the N-VA, another gang of bandits, but only petty thieves compared to you, has never attacked me, or at least never so openly called for it. I wish I could say your masks fell off.

(Has the shit been cleaned up enough to form a government together, Bart, or is this still a blemish?)

That is the difference. Whether you are crappy or not: all other political parties will defend your rights. You get interviews on all channels and in all newspapers, but you want to stifle every dissenting voice. Anyone who is different must remain silent, or else…

For every sneer and threat I received three letters of support. Remember that, even after the elections. For each of you there are three righteous ones.

They are still good.

A poster distributed by Vlaams Belang aimed at De Morgen columnist Frederik De Backer.Image rv

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