Car subscription company Dribe is coming to Belgium

Car subscription company Dribe is coming to Belgium
Car subscription company Dribe is coming to Belgium

Dribe, a car subscription company from Denmark, wants to meet the demand in Belgium for a strongly digitally driven concept for simple and flexible car subscriptions. This must be done in collaboration with a Belgian car distributor.

Dribe will roll out the :Dribe concept and IT platform. This makes it easy to take out car subscriptions for a period of just 30 days, creating great flexibility and freedom. According to Dribe general manager Jesper Hill-Kjærsgaard, the first step in the rollout plan is to conclude a franchise agreement with a car distributor in Belgium.

“Belgium’s dynamic urban lifestyle creates a huge market for a flexible mobility solution. With :Dribe’s IT platform, we create more flexible conditions for consumers and businesses thanks to very short transit time and faster access to cars,” says Jesper Hill-Kjærsgaard. “We want to do this in collaboration with a Belgian car distributor that is closest to the Belgian market. That is why we have created a plug-and-play model that, in addition to efficiently managing an extensive fleet, also enables subscriptions with minimal manual intervention and optimal use of resources.”

An important milestone

The plans of the Danish Dribe to enter the Belgian market are part of the company’s international expansion plan. Internationalization has only just begun. Greek car distributor Kosmocar is the first in Europe to use the :Dribe concept and IT platform. Yiannis Emirzas, CEO of Kosmocar, is optimistic about the new partnership:

“With the franchise agreement, we are taking a confident step towards the goal of meeting the need for a simple, flexible and sustainable mobility solution. In addition to valuable know-how, :Dribe offers us a robust high-tech IT platform and a plug-and-play model that is easy to implement,” says Yiannis Emirzas

Dribe hopes to “build a similarly strong relationship in Belgium with a franchisee who shares our passion for meeting today’s customer demand for fast, easy and flexible access to cars,” the press release concludes.



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