Sheikh Mohammed Al Fizazi lashes out at Mohamed Bassou’s series


April 2, 2024 – 10:00 – Morocco

The president of the Moroccan Association for Peace and Transfer, Sheikh Mohammed Al Fizazi, has sharply criticized comedian Mohamed Bassou’s series “Si Al Kala” which airs on YouTube during Ramadan. Mohammed Al Fizazi believes that Bassou “is merely replacing evil with evil.”

“Bassou has caused a storm on social media with his comedy series (Si Al Kala) and achieved millions of views, which the official channels have not been able to achieve with their huge budgets,” Al Fizazi wrote on Facebook. “I think the reason for the criticism of this Ramadan series by many citizens is that it lacks creativity, the topics are not educational and there are no constructive messages conveyed in a dramatic or comedic context. The topics are generally touching not the real concerns of citizens.”

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However, Al Fizazi has even more criticism of the series. “First, viewers of his work get the impression that the country is plagued by corruption at all levels and in all areas, and that corrupt figures fill the institutions, sectors, ministries, companies, etc. And there seems to be no one who good or reformist. That is a point for consideration. Because there are many honest people and many people who are devoted to their homeland… The situation depicted by our actor Bassou is extremely insulting to the nation.”

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