‘US warned Russia: concert hall was possible target’

‘US warned Russia: concert hall was possible target’
‘US warned Russia: concert hall was possible target’

More than a week and a half ago, more than 140 people were killed in the Crocus City Hall concert hall in Moscow.

It soon became clear that Russia had been warned of an attack by American intelligence services. However, the Kremlin said it could not intervene because the US warnings were “far too general.”

Unusual warning

An anonymous source has now told The Washington Post that the Americans actually warned very specifically. For example, the concert hall where things went wrong would already have been identified as a target. That information has also been shared with Moscow.

Watch the aftermath of the massacre here:

The fact that the intelligence services share such specific information with a country like Russia is ‘unusual’, according to experts, the newspaper writes. The US runs the risk of revealing to a hostile state how it obtained the intelligence.

Avoid crowds

At the beginning of March, the American embassy in Russia also warned residents of the country to be on their guard. Meetings with many people and concerts were better avoided, the embassy said.

In Crocus City Hall, four men with machine guns and explosives caused a massacre. Terror group IS quickly said it was behind the attack. Russian President Vladimir Putin hinted at Ukrainian involvement.

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