Prices Postcode Lottery municipality of Vught March 2024

Prices Postcode Lottery municipality of Vught March 2024
Prices Postcode Lottery municipality of Vught March 2024

The results of the Postcode Lottery draw of March 2024 have been announced again. This time there were some nice prizes in the municipality of Vught. We provide an overview of the winning postal codes in our municipality.

The National Postcode Lottery was founded in 1989 to support charities that work towards a fair and green world. The lottery raises funds for its charities and publicizes their work.

With the Postcode Lottery, your zip code is your lottery number. This means you win together with your neighbors. Participants have a chance to win hundreds of thousands of prizes every month and support more than 100 charity organizations with at least 40 percent of their ticket prize. Since the establishment of the Postcode Lottery, more than 6.2 billion euros have been donated to people and nature. UNICEF, Food Banks Netherlands, the World Wildlife Fund, Amnesty International, Natuurmonumenten, Doctors Without Borders and many other organizations receive support every year.


< Postcode Lottery bed linen
5262 SB

< Postcode Lottery travel suitcase
5261 AS
5261 SZ
5262 TB
5268 AS
5268 EC
5268 GD
5268 KJ
5268 CL

< Videoland subscription
5261 BV
5261 CT
5261 DA
5261 XM
5262 AU
5262 HC
5262 HH
5268 BX
5268 HD

< Plant of your choice
5262 AW
5262 DD
5268 AT

< Naïf Body care package
5262 NJ
5262 NT
5262 XM
5263 BX
5266 AZ
5266 BD
5268 ED
5268 HD
5268 CL
5268 LN
5268 LV

< Postcode Lottery umbrella
5261 EZ
5261 SH
5262 GK
5266 AH
5268 Civil Code

< Book of your choice
5261 BX
5262 CJ
5262 TJ
5262 VV
5263 B.S
5263 DD
5263 GW
5263 GZ

< Ice cream gift card

< Tony's Chocolonely of your choice
5261 AA
5261 AB
5262 DS
5262 DT
5262 HR
5262 JT
5262 RB
5262 ZN
5263 AT
5263 CJ
5263 E.S
5264 DD
5268 BE
5268 DE
5268 GG
5268 JW
5268 KN

Congratulations to the prize winners on behalf of the editorial staff of Vught.Nieuws.

Results subject to typographical errors. Check your own zip code here!

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