New Windows Update brings many small improvements


Microsoft has released the optional Windows Update previews for both Windows 10 and Windows 11. This new Windows update improves many small things, especially within Windows 11.

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Change lists

The Knowledgebase article KB5035942 informs about the Windows 11 updates, which increase the version levels to 22621.3374 and 22631.3374. In addition, the Knowledgebase article KB5035941 provides an overview of the minor changes in Windows 10, with the version number increasing to 19045.4239.

Most important changes in Windows 11

The changes list, especially for Windows 11, added a lot of details. One notable point from the Microsoft developers is that they have added the ability to use Copilot in Windows (preview) ten times when users log in with a local account. For further use, they must log in with a Microsoft account or Entra ID. Microsoft had already announced this when it expanded distribution of Copilot to more devices last week.

Lock screen improvements

The lock screen will show additional content such as weather, sports news, traffic and financial news on both Windows 10 and Windows 11 computers. You activate this via Settings – – Lock screen. There may be an issue with settings not responding when removing Bluetooth devices, which the update should resolve. The update is also said to fix USB audio issues that occurred on some processors after starting, pausing or resuming after sleep mode.

Expanding voice access and sharing features

Voice Access now supports more languages, allowing one to control the computer with German, French or Spanish. This feature is also adapted for use with multiple monitors and allows the creation of personal commands. The sharing function in the context menu now varies depending on whether you are using a Microsoft account or an Entra ID. Windows Near Share has received speed improvements for certain networks and in the settings you can give the computer a custom name.

Improvements to screencasting and Windows 365

The screencasting feature, which transmits the screen via WiFi, should assist users in learning and finding the feature. In addition, there are new features for Windows 365, Microsoft’s cloud-based online Windows PC, to simplify use. A special ‘Windows 365 Boot’ mode allows users to log in directly to their cloud PC with Windows Hello for Business. Microsoft is increasingly promoting its cloud PCs.

Changes for Windows 10

For Windows 10, the update introduces Windows Spotlight to the desktop background, which shows new images. This was previously known from the login or lock screen. Fixed an issue with the on-screen keyboard not opening. Microsoft also emphasizes that Windows 11 upgrade notifications will reappear for eligible hardware. There are some other minor improvements mentioned in the changelog.

The updates are available as optional Windows updates. You find them by searching for Windows updates and have to initiate them manually. If the “Get the latest updates as soon as they are available” option is active, downloading and installation will occur automatically outside designated usage hours.

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