Rumor: Intel Arrow Lake to be called Core Ultra 200 – Computer – News

Rumor: Intel Arrow Lake to be called Core Ultra 200 – Computer – News
Rumor: Intel Arrow Lake to be called Core Ultra 200 – Computer – News

Intel’s upcoming Arrow Lake CPUs will be released under the Core Ultra 200 name. This is reported by a well-known leaker. This new naming replaces the old brand name where a processor is indicated by a combination of brand name, generation number and model.

Well-known leaker Golden Pig Upgrade shared the news on Chinese social media platform Bilibili. The message does not contain any further information about the specifications of the CPU range. According to this leaker, Intel is also planning to release a refresh of its Raptor Lake-H laptop processors this year. These chips will be part of the Core 200H series, says Golden Pig Upgrade. The Raptor Lake series has been around since 2022. Last year, Intel also released a Raptor Lake refresh.

Reports have been appearing about the arrival of Intel’s Arrow Lake processor series for some time now. It will be the successor to the Meteor Lake series, with which Intel first switched to consumer CPUs with a kind of chiplet design based on ’tiles’. However, Meteor Lake only became available for laptops; Arrow Lake should also be available for desktops. Intel confirmed in January that the Arrow Lake series will be released this year.

Intel announced in June last year that it would change its processor naming. Starting with the Meteor Lake CPUs, the letter ‘i’ was omitted from the product names. Since Meteor Lake, Intel no longer indicates the generation in the name of the product series. It is the first major brand change since Intel introduced the Core i brand in 2008.

Intel previously announced that it will change its processor naming.

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