Three bodies found in Mexico are likely those of missing surfers

Three bodies found in Mexico are likely those of missing surfers
Three bodies found in Mexico are likely those of missing surfers

“All three bodies meet the criteria to identify American Carter Rhoad and the Robinson brothers from Australia,” Baja California Attorney General Maria Elena Andrade said.

The bodies were said to have been found in a remote and “difficult to access” area. According to Mexican media, the bodies show signs of violence. A fourth body was also found at the same place, which had probably been there longer.

Car burned out

The two Australian brothers Callum and Jake Robinson and their American friend Jack Carter Rhoad were last seen last weekend at a popular surf spot in northern Baja, American media report. When the Australians didn’t show up at their previously booked Airbnb and the American remained absent from work in San Diego, the search began.

The car the three had rented was found burned out. Investigators found abandoned tents that may have been theirs as well.

Three people arrested

In the days following the disappearance, local authorities arrested three people believed to be connected to the case. It’s about two men and a woman. The latter was arrested in Maneadero. She had an iPhone with a photo matching the description of one of the missing men, as well as a small amount of drugs. “Other evidence that could be linked to these three people” was also found at the tents, authorities said.

Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs is asking residents to exercise caution when traveling to Baja California, “due to the threat of violent crime.” Drug cartels are said to be active in the region, the public prosecutor says that all avenues are being investigated.

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