100th Scania for Galloo Recycling

100th Scania for Galloo Recycling
100th Scania for Galloo Recycling

Scania recently delivered a 460R 6×2 Super to Galloo Recycling. An ordinary event? No, because it was the 100th new Scania that the recycling company from Menen ordered in Belgium.

Galloo Recycling started in 1939. In the 1950s the company ordered a new Scania for the first time, and in recent years the number of orders has kept pace with the growth of the company. A large number of these were ordered by CEO Jan Vandeputte himself: “When I was 18, I ordered my first Scania. That was number 17 for Galloo Recycling. Meanwhile, 35 years later, and in recent years the exponential growth of our activities has meant that orders are following each other more and more quickly, which is now leading to the delivery of the hundredth copy in our Belgian fleet.”

In addition to Belgium, Galloo Recycling has strong international branches. The group has no fewer than 45 sites, mainly in Belgium, France and the Netherlands, and has a fleet of around 135 trucks, 90% of which are Scania. The 100th ‘Belgian’ Scania was fitted with a hook arm system for loading containers at Carrosseriebouw Crevits in Kortemark. “It also received side skirts and a roof spoiler that not only make it look good, but also further reduce fuel consumption. As a recycling company, sustainability is central to us, and so the consumption of our trucks is also very important, which also makes a difference in operating costs. Scania is doing particularly well in that area,” says Jan Vandeputte.

The CEO does not rule out electrification in the future. “Not only does our business revolve around sustainability, including the recycling of batteries from electric cars, we also invest heavily in greening. The cars in our fleet are already electric, just like the forklifts, and we have installed solar panels on the roofs of all our branches. We are also looking at how we can go even further, so we are certainly considering electric trucks if the driving range is tailored to the journeys we make. In other words, it is very likely that our next 100 Scanias will also include electric ones.”

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