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Friend, my model S only received the promised automatic windshield wipers after 8 years of nagging. When I bought it, the website literally said it was finished and when I asked, I was always told: “soon”. Something that has been standard in that price range for years took them 8 years to achieve with their own AI.

If they have been doing something so simple for 8 years, I no longer have confidence in them anyway.

Over the years I have heard the wildest stories (I can’t call them fanboys, I can’t call them muskrats either because then the mods get angry again. It’s a pity that they don’t come back on their own actions, now that Elon’s lies are becoming more and more common). and more come to the fore. Anyway, Tweakers is the church of Elon and I am a sinner) about what a Tesla can do. A Tesla could drive from Amsterdam to Paris (fill in your own two major cities) from exit to exit without you having to do anything is my favorite, you see them everywhere. Exactly the same copy/paste story, but depending on continent and/or region, two other major cities.

Oh yeah, and every time someone starts talking about the fossil industry I have to laugh too, Mercedes and Toyota are literally the two largest investors and financiers of Tesla. And that’s why they’re against it! We’re destroying them by giving them huge amounts of money!

German Authorities reprimand Tesla because it is called Autopilot! No, that is the German fossil car industry in cohorts with the government, that at the same time as Germany the Americans are also hitting Elon and that is why it is called FSD and not Autopilot, we are not talking about it.

The list of fatal accidents because people blindly trust the capabilities of a Tesla keeps getting bigger and bigger and there are still people who propagate that nonsense. Unbelievable! Then also the fallacy: “yes, but the number of lives you save with it”.

That’s a bit like a fire brigade who saves an apartment full of people and then kills his wife once he gets home. Because he saved all those people, we have to turn a blind eye to his wife, that’s obviously not how things work.

If anyone wants a list of all Elon’s lies, I can recommend this:

By now I’m just tired of this discussion myself.

All I can say to you is: “prepare your anus”. You’re going to get at least 10 (insert the two names I’m not allowed to use) coming up with all kinds of nonsense. You would almost say that Tweakers is a big buyer of Tesla, because there are not that many Teslas in the world, but it seems like everyone here has 2 so they can tell all about them.

Well I can tell you as an ex-owner of 2 Teslas. As someone who fell for that hype and is long over it. A Tesla is nothing more than plastic junk in a nice jacket. Technologically speaking, these things are not that advanced at all, they just look nice.

People who were too eager to invest in a decent car and drive around in a Polo Bluemotion basic model fall for the hype and suddenly have to apply for a loan. If you go from a Polo to a Tesla it suddenly becomes luxurious. But if you compare a Tesla with cars in the same price range, it is plastic junk that can do no more or less than what the rest already did.

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