‘Boer zkt Vrouw’ viewers all agree: “Beautiful couple”

‘Boer zkt Vrouw’ viewers all agree: “Beautiful couple”
‘Boer zkt Vrouw’ viewers all agree: “Beautiful couple”

On Sunday the viewers of ‘Farmer seeks Woman ‘ see how Robbe decided to send Wesley back to Belgium. The two had a good connection, but Robbe feared that the 34-year-old Limburger would not be able to find his place in Sweden.

Before the choice moment, Robbe confessed to the presenter Dina Tersago that he was very sure of one person. Images of a hug with Branko suggest that it is about him…

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“You immediately get a good feeling with Branko. You become happy when you see him,” Robbe says about him. “That’s a special look and click, that’s just right.”

Branko also feels the attraction. “I have been in love in previous years, but this is a completely different feeling,” he says.

Viewers also think the two are a good match. “They fit together very well,” they respond on social media. “Nice couple.” “I expected a kiss.”

“Go for it. It gives me goosebumps,” they urge Robbe and Branko. “I hope he will choose him.” “Good luck together and make something beautiful out of it.”

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