Philippe is the Mole and Gilles in his costume

Philippe is the Mole and Gilles in his costume
Philippe is the Mole and Gilles in his costume

Now that ‘De Mol’ – aka the favorite program of many Flemish people – has started again, X is also running at full speed with wonderful tweets and memes about ‘De Mol’. From Philippe who has to be the Mole to Gilles De Coster who walks around at night in a costume. These are your best tweets of the week.

After an eventful night, Although, according to some, there could have been an innocent joke in it.

Although there was a lot of confusion when the candidates had to get out of bed in the middle of the night to stop the group spot, clearly no one wondered how Gilles De Coster was standing there in costume at 4am.

Although X is convinced that the presenter would have been an ideal PE teacher in a previous life.

Fortunately, ‘De Mol’ is still wonderfully recognizable and the situations remind us of everyday life. Whether you are a member of K3…

Are you a party animal…

Are you married…

Or simply constipated. ‘De Mol’ is for everyone!

In any case, Philippe is already suspected of X. According to many, his pranks cannot be denied.

Although there are also a lot of tweets pointing towards Bernard.

But Michael and his ‘balls’ also catch the attention of viewers on X.

Well, whoever it is, we can always be wrong. Although of course there are also exceptional cases that are very wrong.

We are already ready for the next episode.

You can watch ‘De Mol’ every Sunday evening at 8pm on Play4 and via GoPlay.

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