The Oranjezondag critical of the Sophie & Jeroen broadcast

The Oranjezondag critical of the Sophie & Jeroen broadcast
The Oranjezondag critical of the Sophie & Jeroen broadcast

In The Orange Sunday guests Lars Duursma and Rutger Castricum strongly criticized the Sophie & Jeroenbroadcast last Wednesday. According to them, Khalid Kasem, who previously had to resign from his work for the talk show due to bribery allegations, was “blindly defended”.

The dean of the Amsterdam Bar Association said last week that he could find no indications of bribery of selection officials or attempts thereto by former lawyer Khalid Kasem. However, he does receive a formal warning because in one case he made inappropriate statements to a client in order to get an invoice paid.

The Orange Sunday discusses the Khalid Kasem issue

Presenter Hélène Hendriks weighs in The Orange Sunday af Kasem will be back on TV. “I think it will be very difficult,” says communications expert Lars Duursma. “He says he has been very much exonerated. He didn’t bribe anyone. I don’t think anyone really expected that. But he did defraud a customer. He has not had integrity as a lawyer. He has not been honest about his contacts with the biggest criminal in the Netherlands. I think that is quite a difficult position to return to as a television presenter.”

“Especially the latter,” says Rutger Castricum. “If you said that you had no contact with Taghi and that turns out to be the case.”

‘He has not been exonerated’

Duursma previously said in his podcast that “journalists consciously or unconsciously ignore what is known about this case and thus blindly follow the well-oiled PR machine.” “That press release came out and everyone suddenly followed it and said that he has been exonerated. But he has not been exonerated,” says the communications expert in the talk show.

“For example, I was feeling bad this week Sophie & Jeroen to watch. It was like watching North Korean television. A blind adoration from a former colleague and Jeroen Pauw sitting at the table, who is Khalid’s coach and perhaps also his discoverer. And who then invites two people who have a track record of blindly defending Khalid there. I find that very striking. And if you go to Saskia Belleman later in the evening Beau looked: she could explain very well that there is indeed a problem. That’s crazy.”

“The difference is too big,” Castricum also believes. “When two talk shows deal with the same subject, and it just so happens that the program that Khalid himself presented is the one that blindly defends him,” Duursma continues.

Hendriks does not agree with guests

“Maybe that’s not so strange at all,” Hendriks counters. “They are colleagues.” In any case, Duursma does not think it is ethical. “You want to know: Jeroen, what do you think, because you are his coach? You don’t hear that,” says Castricum. “But Jeroen is a presenter,” says Hendriks. Castricum: “He plays too big a role in this and he plays the good news show through those lawyers. I really don’t think that’s good.” Hendriks concludes: “You are also very welcome, Jeroen, here The Orange Sunday and The Orange Summer. Cozy next to Rutger.”

You can watch De Oranjezondag via KIJK.

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