The new season of ‘Nunkels’ is once again nonsense and silly, but I can laugh about it

The new season of ‘Nunkels’ is once again nonsense and silly, but I can laugh about it
The new season of ‘Nunkels’ is once again nonsense and silly, but I can laugh about it

He who searches, finds. However, this is a sensitive issue on Reyerslaan. They are now working on the 23rd sniffer dog, which will be the successor on behalf of the CEO FC the champions trying to find. Signs of deafness have been showing up on the VRT, so maybe it helps to read it in black and white: the competition has started running with it.

The people have made themselves heard. The trumpet sounded from the Westhoek to where the boundaries between Limburgish and German become blurred. The enthusiasm with which Uncles The reception was ecstatic – as if Flanders had been robbed of its meat and chips and everything had suddenly returned to the way it used to be. Uncles marked the glorious return of pipi-kaka humor.

The owner of a talking dog once stated that it is clear what the Flemish laughs about the most: “About piss and poop. It’s that simple.” He was right and the makers of Uncles had listened carefully. I was hesitant at first, I’m not going to lie. Uncles After all, it made me laugh at something that is impossible to laugh at.

A refugee from Cameroon who ends up in West Flanders: that was the approach of the comic series. Uncles the spirit of the times was against it. Or so I thought. Because behind the misplaced jokes was a striking character sketch of an entire national character, with the yapping Carine (a sublime Isabelle Van Hecke) as the exponent.

In the second season, Carine still portrays venom incarnate, but Innocent (Blaise Afonso), “the stranger”, is no longer the central target of ridicule. Moreover, the dynamic between the uncles – three brothers, each with their own home on the same plot – changes when Luc (Jelle De Beule) starts working for the major competitor of artificial grass pope Willy (Rik Verheye).

That’s how it ends up Uncles in a different place, which is an evolution that is to be welcomed. As a result, the new season does take time to get back into the series. Moreover, we have to wait and see whether this trail does not lead to a dead end – the press was only shown three episodes in advance – although the first season also took a while before everything fell into place.

Uncles continues to go all out for the underwear fun (literally even, after just three minutes) and five minutes later has his first big moment: a conversation in which Willy the naked cat “from Esmée from the vipassana meditation” first “a poached rabbit”, then “a mutt ” and “a “melted ET” and ultimately – when he hears the cost – calls “a financial hangover”.

It’s nonsense and lame, but it makes me laugh, which isn’t that easy these days. There are already enough self-proclaimed humorous programs that fail to be funny. Uncles relies on misunderstandings, slips of the tongue and caricatured characters – the similarity with FC the champions remains striking, although it does not have to be negative.

It now remains to be seen what the tension between the uncles will lead to. Is the sequel going to be bad or bad? Uncles in? It’s still too early to say whether the first season was a fluke or the start of a cult series.

The second season of Uncles can be seen in its entirety on Streamz. From April 18, Play 4 will broadcast a new episode every week.

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