Live F1 | Verstappen seems to have to leave victory in Miami to Norris


Live F1 | Verstappen lijkt zege in Miami aan Norris te moeten laten

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Good evening and welcome to this live blog. Here I (Patrick Moeke) will keep you informed of all developments surrounding the Miami Grand Prix. Have fun!
  • Norris leads
  • Verstappen second

Live blog

Sunday May 5 at 11:12 PM

16 more rounds – It has been a long time since Verstappen was beaten purely on racing speed, but today it really seems to be happening. Norris controls the race and has a 3.4 second lead.

Sunday May 5 at 11:10 PM

17 more rounds – Second place seems to be the maximum possible for Verstappen today. Norris already has a three second lead. “I have no grip at all,” complains the Red Bull driver.

Sunday May 5 at 11:06 PM

19 more rounds – Verstappen is having a hard time and sees Norris driving away. “I can’t possibly turn in this car, it’s a disaster.”

Sunday May 5 at 11:04 PM

21 more rounds – Norris runs away from Verstappen and now has a 2.2 second lead. Things are looking very good for the McLaren driver.

Sunday May 5 at 11:02 PM

22 more rounds – The lap times of Verstappen and Norris are almost the same. The difference is 1.5 seconds.

Sunday May 5 at 11:00 PM

24 more rounds – Number five Sainz attacks Piastri, but cannot get past him yet. At the front, Norris has a lead of one and a half seconds over Verstappen. The score:
  1. Norris
  2. Verstappen +1.5
  3. Leclerc +0.7
  4. Piastri +1.3
  5. Sainz +0.4

Sunday May 5 at 10:58 PM

24 more rounds – Norris runs away from Verstappen and has a 1.2 second lead. Is this his day then? Verstappen even has to be on the defensive to keep Leclerc behind him.

Sunday May 5 at 10:58 PM

25 more rounds – Leclerc attacks Verstappen! The Red Bull driver suddenly also has to be on the defensive.

Sunday May 5 at 10:57 PM

25 more rounds – Green! We’re racing again in Miami. Verstappen immediately looks at Norris in the first corner but cannot get past him yet.

Sunday May 5 at 10:55 PM

26 more rounds – Grab a drink or a good cup of coffee. The safety car comes in at the end of this lap. How much difficulty will Verstappen have in keeping up with or attacking Norris?

Sunday May 5 at 10:55 PM

26 more rounds – The score:
  1. Norris
  2. Verstappen
  3. Leclerc
  4. Piastri
  5. Sainz
  6. Pérez
  7. Tsunoda
  8. Hamilton
  9. Russell
  10. Ocon
  11. Alonso
  12. Gasly
  13. Albon
  14. Zhou
  15. Ricciardo
  16. Hulkenberg
  17. Stroll
  18. Bottas
  19. Magnussen

Sunday May 5 at 10:53 PM

27 more rounds – Suddenly, Norris has excellent credentials to win this Grand Prix. The McLaren driver leads and has better tires than Verstappen.

Sunday May 5 at 10:50 PM

28 more roundsNorris makes his pit stop and still has the lead! Is this his chance to win his first Grand Prix?

Sunday May 5 at 10:48 PM

29 more rounds – Norris can make a free stop thanks to the safety car and keep the lead! Or is the margin not big enough?

Sunday May 5 at 10:47 PM

30 more roundsSafety car! Magnussen and Sargeant crashed! Magnussen can still get away, but Sargeant cannot. What does this mean for Norris? Can he keep the lead?

Sunday May 5 at 10:46 PM

30 more rounds – Pit stops Piastri and Sainz. Verstappen therefore moves up to second place and Norris takes the lead.

Sunday May 5 at 10:44 PM

32 more rounds – Number three Norris is still faster than Verstappen on his old medium tires. How long can McLaren’s Briton continue?

Sunday May 5 at 10:41 PM

33 more rounds – Verstappen is now fourth, but the drivers in front of him still have to make a pit stop. The score:
  1. Piastri
  2. Sainz
  3. Norris
  4. Verstappen
  5. Leclerc

Sunday May 5 at 10:40 PM

34 more rounds – Pit stop Max Verstappen. The Red Bull driver switches to the hard tire and returns to the track in fourth. Piastri is therefore in control.

Sunday May 5 at 10:39 PM

35 more rounds – The post has been removed and the race resumes. That was a short (virtual) safety car period.

Sunday May 5 at 10:38 PM

35 more laps – Virtual safety car! The race is briefly neutralized so that the pole can be removed.

Sunday May 5 at 10:38 PM

36 more rounds – Verstappen misses the chicane and knocks over a post. The post is still in the middle of the track.

Sunday May 5 at 10:37 PM

36 more rounds – Verstappen drives over a pole! “Check my front wing!” says the Dutchman over the on-board radio.

Sunday May 5 at 10:35 PM

37 more rounds – Pérez was stuck behind Ocon for two laps after his pit stop. The Mexican is now overtaking the Alpine driver again and is ninth.

Sunday May 5 at 10:34 PM

38 more rounds – Pit stop Charles Leclerc. The Monegasque gives his third place to Sainz and returns to the track in sixth.

Sunday May 5 at 10:31 PM

40 more rounds – There’s Pérez’s pit stop. This gives fifth place to Norris. Pérez returns to the track in tenth place.

Sunday May 5 at 10:30 PM

41 more rounds – We are waiting for the pit stops of the top five drivers. The score:
  1. Verstappen
  2. Piastri +3.2
  3. Leclerc +0.7
  4. Sainz +1.8
  5. Perez +4.9

Sunday May 5 at 10:27 PM

43 more rounds – Verstappen is told that he no longer has to pay attention to his tires and must move ahead of Piastri. The Dutchman has a three-second lead.

Sunday May 5 at 10:25 PM

44 more rounds – Number five Pérez is under a lot of pressure from Norris. The Mexican has to be on the defensive.

Sunday May 5 at 10:24 PM

45 more rounds – Drivers in the midfield make their first pit stops.

Sunday May 5 at 10:22 PM

46 more rounds – At the front, Verstappen’s lead over Piastri fluctuates around 2.5 seconds. The Dutchman is not yet disappearing over the horizon.

Sunday May 5 at 10:20 PM

48 more rounds – There is Hamilton’s overtake on Hülkenberg. The Briton is back in seventh place.

Sunday May 5 at 10:18 PM

48 more rounds – We have been watching a nice fight between Hülkenberg and Hamilton for a number of rounds. The Haas driver has seventh place, but Hamilton is pushing.

Sunday May 5 at 10:16 PM

49 more rounds – A DRS train is forming behind Piastri. Leclerc and Sainz are hot on the McLaren driver’s heels.

Sunday May 5 at 10:15 PM

50 more rounds – Verstappen slowly but surely drives away from Piastri. The Dutchman has a lead of 2.6 seconds.

Sunday May 5 at 10:14 PM

51 more rounds – The score:
  1. Verstappen
  2. Piastri +2.2
  3. Leclerc +0.7
  4. Sainz +0.3
  5. Perez +1.7
  6. Norris +1.9

Sunday May 5 at 10:12 PM

52 more rounds – Verstappen puts things in order and now pulls away from Piastri by just half a second. His lead is 2.2 seconds.

Sunday May 5 at 10:11 PM

53 more rounds – Nice overtaking action by Piastri on Leclerc! The McLaren driver climbs to second place. Does he have the speed to attack Verstappen? In the last round, Piastri was four tenths faster.

Sunday May 5 at 10:09 PM

54 more rounds – Verstappen is not yet able to get away from Leclerc, who is now coming under pressure from Piastri. The Dutchman’s lead is almost two seconds.

Sunday May 5 at 10:08 PM

55 more rounds – It really didn’t matter if Pérez had knocked Verstappen out of the race at the start. The Mexican is now fifth.

Sunday May 5 at 10:06 PM

56 more rounds – Leader Verstappen already has a 1.3 second lead over Leclerc.

Sunday May 5 at 10:06 PM

56 more rounds – The opening round goes wonderfully without incident. Pérez has lost a place after his action. The score:
  1. Verstappen
  2. Leclerc
  3. Piastri
  4. Sainz
  5. Pérez
  6. Norris

Sunday May 5 at 10:05 PM

STARTExcellent start Verstappen, but Pérez brakes in the first corner and almost comes into contact with the Dutchman! Verstappen retains the lead, ahead of Leclerc, Piastri and Sainz.

Sunday May 5 at 10:02 PM

Warm-up round – The cars roll onto the grid. The Miami Grand Prix is ​​about to start.

Sunday May 5 at 10:00 PM

Warm-up round – The warm-up lap takes place at the Miami International Autodrome.

Sunday May 5 at 9:58 PM

Another 1 minute until the warm-up round – The engines are started.

Sunday May 5 at 9:57 PM

Another 3 minutes until the warm-up round – Of the drivers in the top ten, only Hamilton starts on hard. The rest starts on medium.

Sunday May 5 at 9:53 PM

Another 6 minutes until the start – “Radio check!”

Sunday May 5 at 9:50 PM

Another 9 minutes until the start – The chance of rain during this race is exactly 0 percent.

Sunday May 5 at 9:49 PM

Another 10 minutes until the start – The VIPs leave the grid and the drivers climb into their cars.

Sunday May 5 at 9:47 PM

Another 15 minutes until the start – The American national anthem sounds. The start is getting closer.

Sunday May 5 at 9:39 PM

The starting grid for the Miami Grand Prix:
  1. Max Verstappen
  2. Charles Leclerc
  3. Carlos Sainz
  4. Sergio Perez
  5. Lando Norris
  6. Oscar Piastri
  7. George Russel
  8. Lewis Hamilton
  9. Nico Hulkenberg
  10. Yuki Tsunoda
  11. Lance Stroll
  12. Pierre Gasly
  13. Esteban Ocon
  14. Alexander Albon
  15. Fernando Alonso
  16. Valtteri Bottas
  17. Logan Sargeant
  18. Kevin Magnussen
  19. Zhou Guanyu
  20. Daniel Ricciardo

Sunday May 5 at 9:35 PM

Verstappen already won the sprint race yesterday and was therefore the fastest in qualifying. Yet the Dutchman was not completely satisfied. “I don’t know what it is,” said the Dutchman. “Every year we come here, we find it difficult to be consistent over one round. It is very difficult to ensure that both sector 1 and sector 3 feel good. We had to find the balance today. We did that okay .”

Sunday May 5 at 9:25 PM

Max Verstappen is the only driver to win the Miami Grand Prix. Will he make it three in a row today? The winners of the Miami Grand Prix:
  • 2022 – Max Verstappen (Red Bull)
  • 2023 – Max Verstappen (Red Bull)


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