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In NOW you catch up we talk to climate reporter Jeroen Kraan about Shell’s appeal in Milieudefensie’s controversial climate lawsuit. We discuss the unrest at Ajax and tell you more about the Babboe recall.

It’s a nightmare again at Ajax. This morning the Amsterdam club announced that new director Alex Kroes has been temporarily suspended. Shortly before taking office, the new general manager bought more than seventeen thousand shares in Ajax.

According to the supervisory board, he bought the shares in August a week before the announcement of his appointment. “It is very likely that he committed insider trading. That is a criminal offense,” the club writes on the website.

Kroes himself says that the club was aware of the shares he had purchased and wants to submit the matter to the stock market watchdog AFM.

Shell’s appeal in Milieudefensie’s high-profile climate lawsuit starts today. The court in The Hague must determine whether Shell is indeed obliged to quickly reduce its CO2 emissions. Climate reporter Jeroen Kraan will be present at the case in The Hague in the coming days and will update you.

How special is this case and how interesting is it for other companies? “The whole case is not only special for the Netherlands. This case will be followed with great interest worldwide. The original complaint from Milieudefensie has already served as a “blueprint” in various countries to start similar cases. However, with mixed success – in some countries Judges have also rejected claims from environmental groups.”

The man who was arrested after the hostage situation in a cafe in Ede had been convicted of a death threat in December last year. This is confirmed by the court in Gelderland.

Last Saturday the 28-year-old man made the mistake again. During the hostage situation in Ede, four employees of Café Petticoat were held for hours. In any case, he is suspected of unlawful deprivation of liberty for the hostage situation. Whether further suspicions arise remains to be seen after investigation. The man’s pre-trial detention was extended by two weeks on Saturday.


We conclude with a recall. Cargo bike giant Babboe is recalling even more bicycles due to safety risks. According to the manufacturer, this now concerns a total of 22,000 bicycles. That is a third of all Babboe cargo bikes sold.

In February, the company announced that it would recall the Babboe City and Babboe Mini models. At that time it involved approximately ten thousand cargo bikes. The additional models now recalled are the City Mountain (pre-2020), Slim Mountain & Transporter and the Pro Trike, Trike-E and Pro-Trike XL Motor.

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