Win tickets documentary The world of Carlijn

Win tickets documentary The world of Carlijn
Win tickets documentary The world of Carlijn

The Dutch cartographer Carlijn Kingma follows the creation of her special work of art ‘The Waterwork of our Money’. That’s what the documentary is about Carlijn’s world. In the artwork she shows how unfair our financial system is. In this documentary, filmmaker Ariane Greep shows a master at work, who uses art to make complex and urgent matters visual.

Carlijn is an emerging star and has already been compared to MC Esscher. With her special pen she draws worlds of ideas, or as she says, maps of the sometimes inscrutable reality in which we live. The camera shows up close her creative struggle while drawing and also her struggle to expose the injustice of the current monetary system. Where the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. The drawing leads to many discussions, the newspapers write full of praise about her and she wins several prizes. The film follows her through her major solo exhibition in Rijksmuseum Twente and her exhibition in Kunstmuseum The Hague. And we will see her at the Architecture Biennale in Venice 2023, where her project hangs as the work of art in the Dutch Pavilion.

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(Photo: Still from the documentary)


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