”Top signing’ Fredberg after two weeks away from Anderlecht’

”Top signing’ Fredberg after two weeks away from Anderlecht’
”Top signing’ Fredberg after two weeks away from Anderlecht’

RSC Anderlecht took a huge step forward last season and has finally become a full-fledged title candidate again. Good work from the Danish sporting management. But certainly not all their interventions were a success.

In the autumn of 2022, RSCA decided to place its sporting fate in the hands of Jesper Fredberg. He then did quite a good job on the transfer market. But he also made his mark with a number of strategic appointments. For example, he appointed his compatriot Brian Riemer as head coach, while Mikkel Hemmersam was another Dane given the position of ‘Sports Manager’ within the youth department.

Those two appointments have been quite successful so far. But that does not apply to all personnel changes that were implemented under Fredberg. For example, at the end of last season the search for a goalkeeper coach was very difficult. The Spaniard Javier Melchor immediately dropped out, second goalkeeper Hendrik Van Crombrugge even had to take a break. Ultimately, a solution was found with Justin Merz.

Experience at Liverpool and Tottenham

And Fredberg’s latest recruitment also threatens to turn into a fiasco. Two weeks ago Anderlecht announced the arrival of David Cosgrave. The Irishman was appointed as the new ‘Performance Manager’ at Neerpede and was able to present many letters of honor. In the past he was active at Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool FC, among others. Fredberg was delighted with his latest acquisition.

But in the end he won’t get much pleasure from Cosgrave. So reports The last news that the Irishman is leaving RSCA after just two weeks. He is currently said to have traveled back to the United States for private reasons, where he previously played for Orlando City. But the chance that he will return to Anderlecht is virtually non-existent.

Internal struggles

That’s how it makes HLN mention of internal struggles. Cosgrave was supposed to take charge of the medical and physical departments, but apparently had a different working method than the current employees. Moreover, there was uncertainty about the exact division of tasks, which obviously did not promote cooperation. Another interview would be planned when Cosgrave returns. Yet there is little chance that he will work at RSCA again.

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