Charleroi coach Rik De Mil gives a firm response in defense of the Westerlo – Genk salon draw and refers to a job at Club: “No one wanted Antwerp to become champion, but …” – Football News


On Tuesday, the Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office met in the case surrounding the salon draw between KVC Westerlo and KRC Genk. Rik De Mil spoke for a long time and made a very passionate plea. He also spoke about the board of KVC Westerlo.

Much has already been said about the salon draw between KVC Westerlo and KRC Genk. The 1-1 made both Westerlo (saved) and Genk (Champions’ Play-off) happy and that resulted in a sham in the final minutes.

Westerlo could have simply continued playing, because they had nothing left to gain or lose. Yet they didn’t. Rik De Mil is now coach of Charleroi, but has fervently defended himself about what happened. He therefore asks for an acquittal.

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“Ask all players at Westerlo and Club Brugge if I am fair and correct, and everyone will confirm that to you,” he said. The last news the word directly to federal attorney Ebe Verhaegen.

Championship match and referral by Rik De Mil to Union – Club Brugge

“I’d love to hear you say, ‘What if this happened in the championship match?’ Last year I proved that I am right in that respect,” the current coach of Charleroi is very passionate about his job at Club Brugge.

“25,000 people then asked me to lose to Union, because no one wanted Antwerp to become champions. Well, we won that match with Club by fighting to the end.” An impassioned plea in a request for the coach’s acquittal.

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