Guardiola lashes out at Arteta: “I couldn’t do that”

Guardiola lashes out at Arteta: “I couldn’t do that”
Guardiola lashes out at Arteta: “I couldn’t do that”

Manchester City have failed to beat Arsenal in a head-to-head match. The Citizens kept it at a fair 0-0 draw in their own Etihad Stadium and saw Liverpool lose two points. Pep Guardiola was left frustrated.

Expectations were high for the match, but were not met. City and Arsenal played a close match, with opportunities few and far between. And if an opening was found, the space was not used properly.

Arsenal defended excellently

It must be said that Arsenal defended firmly and barely gave away a chance. Pep Guardiola was satisfied with how his team tried to play football. “Of course I would have preferred to win, but I can live with a point after this match,” said the press chat afterwards. “I recognized my team and that makes me proud.”

After which the Spaniard sounded a bit frustrated when he was asked how City could disrupt the Gunners’ block. “Kill someone? Play with nine? Yes, they defended a lot with many people. Haaland was always well secured. We could only be patient and wait for that one pass. The right intention was there.”

Guardiola also shoots at Arteta

Guardiola then shot at Arteta, who had been his assistant in the past. “Arsenal is an exceptional team. Well coached, with very, very, very good players. But if as a coach you claim to be exceptionally good every season and every match for five years… sorry, I couldn’t do that at all.”

The big winner of the weekend was Liverpool, who took full advantage at home against Brighton (2-1). Arsenal is second with 65 points, followed by City in third with 64 points.

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