Antwerp’s Sint-Jansplein is full for 505 concerts: “There is no them versus us”

Antwerp’s Sint-Jansplein is full for 505 concerts: “There is no them versus us”
Antwerp’s Sint-Jansplein is full for 505 concerts: “There is no them versus us”

Solidarity concert

Elisabeth Lucie Baeten. — © Koen Bauters

© Koen Bauters

Jaouad Alloul.

Jaouad Alloul. — © Koen Bauters

“This is going to be a legendary day,” Joris Hessels promised this afternoon on Sint-Jansplein in Antwerp. The 505 concerts are in full swing there. Around 3.30 pm the square was completely full – good for 10,000 people. Colleague Nick De Leu is there.

From our editor in Antwerp, Nick De Leu

Today at 2:15 PM

One month before the elections, the free event wants to launch a call for “more humanity”, following the example of the 0110 concerts that advocated “more tolerance” eighteen years ago.

Artists and speakers will alternate on the large stage to express what humanity means to them with a few songs or a short speech. The bands Portland and Kids With Buns stuck to the music. Instagram phenomenon Elisabeth Lucie Baeten silenced the now half-full square for the first time with a poem. She contrasted a list of small joys – such as unexpectedly finding cornettos in your freezer – with the desire to be able to go outside without being bombed. “No one is more or better, there is no them versus us/ there is no humanity until everyone is safe and free,” it sounded.

© Koen Bauters

© Koen Bauters

Will certainly not be seen on stage: politicians. The organization wants to stay away from party politics. 20,000 visitors are expected. The concerts, featuring Zwangere Guy, Bart Peeters and Eefje de Visser, will run until 10 p.m. Around 3:30 p.m., the police announced that Sint-Jansplein was full and that new visitors would be admitted.

Those who want to follow live from home can watch the livestream at

Laura Tesoro.

Laura Tesoro. — © Koen Bauters

Bart Peeters.

Bart Peeters. — © Koen Bauters

Miss Angel.

Miss Angel. — © Koen Bauters


Ikraan. — © Koen Bauters

Pregnant Guy.

Pregnant Guy. — © Koen Bauters

© Koen Bauters

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