Viewers are horrified by the scariest film of 2024: ‘That voice alone’


The First Omen coming. And viewers of the first images are not exaggerating that this will be and will probably remain the scariest film of 2024 so far. The horror film will be released on Friday April 5, but the question is whether you dare to go to the cinema.

Horror fans have long awaited The First Omen. It’s a prequel to The Omenfranchise, the first film of which was released in 1976.

Terrifying horror film The First Omen

In the horror film you follow the young American nun Margaret Daino, who is sent to Rome to start a life of service to the church. There, however, she encounters a darkness that makes her doubt her own faith. A terrifying conspiracy that hopes to bring about the birth of evil incarnate is uncovered.

Viewers are horrified by the scariest film of 2024 'Just that voice' the first omen
(Image: 20th Century Fox)

The leading role The First Omen is played by Nell Tiger Free (Servant). Other roles in the scariest film of 2024 include Tawfeek Barhom (Mary Magdalene), Sonia Braga (Kiss of the Spider Woman), Ralph Ineson (The Northman), Charles Dance (Game of Thrones) and Bill Nighy (Living).

Terrifying trailer: ‘Already the scariest film of 2024’

The latest trailer from The First Omen begins with begins with a woman being strapped to a table, surrounded by a group of doctors in surgical attire. That’s where the horror begins. From there, the viewer is taken to a monastery in Rome, where Margaret tries to make contact with a girl named Carlita. The church, the viewer is told, is raising Carlita to be a vessel for the devil.

Margaret is warned that bad things, perhaps even evil things, will happen around Carlita. It is also hinted that the Catholic Church is encouraging this, because Carlita, who will ultimately spawn pure evil, will be a way for them to maintain their power. ‘How do you control people who no longer believe? You create something to fear‘, is the striking tagline.

First reactions: ‘Just that voice alone’

20th Centry Fox calls it the scariest film of 2024 and many YouTubers share this opinion under the trailer. At least, that’s what they expect based on the first images The First Omen, with its terrifying predecessors in mind. “Ralph’s ominous voice is a character in itself,” responds one of the viewers.

ralph ineson the first omen
‘Ralph Ineson’s voice is its own character’ (Image: 20th Century Fox)

Usually critical horror fans, which you can easily pick out, are also positive. “I am someone with a lot of love for the Omenfilms and this makes me sizzling enthusiastic,” responds YouTuber Walter Misery. But there is also skepticism from the fan corner. “I’ll just watch the original movie again, thanks. It’s sad that it’s now only typical jump scare and scary CGI,” said YouTuber stop08it.

April 5 in Dutch cinema

From Friday April 5, if you dare, you can judge for yourself whether or not it is the scariest film of 2024. From then on, horror film The First Omen can be seen in Dutch cinemas.

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