Otters, penguins and monkeys: Belgium has a new zoo


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A new zoo will open in Belgium this month. From Sunday, May 12, interested parties can take a look around the small-scale Din Dim animal park, located in the village of Kessenich. It is about a hobby of Ben Lamberigts and his father that got out of hand.

They built a large number of enclosures in their backyard. By applying for a zoo permit, you can continue to keep approximately 25 animal species in a professional manner. It also means that visitors will come over. However, the mini-zoo will not be accessible to everyone.

Small groups have the opportunity to take guided tours. Reservations in advance are required. Next summer is already largely full. About two hundred animals live in Din Dim. These are not tigers, lions, giraffes or elephants, but they are flamingos, monkeys, penguins, otters and tortoises.

The park’s name is a reference to a true story about an old Brazilian man who rescued a penguin named Dindim and formed a bond with the animal. Since then, the penguin has returned to the man several times. The book The Old Man and the Penguin was published in 2020, describing the story.

Flanders currently has thirteen recognized zoos, including Zoo Antwerp, Zoo Planckendael, Bellewaerde Park, Boudewijn Seapark, Pakawi Park, Sea Life Blankenberge, De Zonnegloed and Familiepark Harry Malter. In Wallonia there are another 24 parties with a zoo permit.




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