Beware of hay fever: grass pollen season has officially started | Domestic

Beware of hay fever: grass pollen season has officially started | Domestic
Beware of hay fever: grass pollen season has officially started | Domestic

Pollen concentrations have increased relatively in recent days and approach 20 grains per cubic meter of air in Brussels. The grass pollen season has officially started, reports Sciensano health institute.

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Measurements at the five stations of Sciensano’s AirAllergy network show that pollen levels are generally highest in Marche-en-Famenne and lowest in De Haan. Grass pollen is the most common cause of pollen allergies in Belgium. At least one in six people exhibit allergic symptoms upon exposure.

From May to July

The grass pollen season is a long season, from May to July, caused by the successive flowering of more than a hundred species of the grass family.

This year the grass pollen season starts on the average calendar date. “When the critical threshold of 50 pollen grains per cubic meter of air is exceeded, most allergy sufferers are likely to show symptoms. This threshold is often exceeded from June onwards,” explains Astha Tiwari, scientific employee at Sciensano.

AirAllergy app

The health institute collects information about the measurements on the new AirAllergy app, which will be available soon. The app includes measurements of most pollen types, such as birch and grasses, so that users stay informed of the current situation during the season. In addition, the app contains a description of the current pollen situation, tips to avoid symptoms and answers to frequently asked questions about allergies, prevention and climate change.

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