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Under a radiant spring sun, the first visitors of the ‘505 Concerts for Humanity’ arrive at Antwerp’s Sint-Jansplein. More than 60 musicians and speakers are joining today to call for a “more humane society and policies” in the run-up to the June 9 elections. “Too many people’s rights are still being violated,” says the organization, which expects approximately 20,000 visitors spread over the entire day.

Jonathan Bernaerts, Klaas De Scheirder, Rani Aertgeerts

05-05-24, 12:37

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LOOK. Antwerp 505 concerts have started.

The 0110 concerts for tolerance – at the time in Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent and Charleroi – caused a lot of commotion and lively discussions eighteen years ago. Now, with the successor 505, from 12 noon to 10 p.m. on Antwerp’s Sint-Jansplein, the emphasis is on humanity.

“We want to give a clear signal, regardless of party politics,” say organizers Elisabeth Van Lierop, Tijs Delbeke and Els Hertogen. “We want to live in a world where everyone counts, where every person gets a fair chance at a dignified existence: in a society that is first and foremost human. We call on everyone, politicians and citizens, never to forget what is the basis of living together: being able to empathize with others. You simply create a society together.”

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The sun smiles at the visitors. © Klaas De Scheirder

Impressive line-up

It must be said: the line-up of the – free (!) – concerts looks quite impressive. The bill features artists and bands such as Bart Peeters, Selah Sue, Laura Tesoro, Warhaus, Admiral Freebee and Portland. In between, speakers such as Ruth Lasters, Ellen De Soete and Ann Wauters will also pass by. The musical artists do not perform full concerts, but one or a few songs with which they highlight the appeal of the event.

LOOK. Portland singer Jente Pironet “I didn’t hesitate for a second, you don’t experience this often”

“I did not hesitate for a second to participate, I fully support the mission,” Selah Sue said this weekend in ‘De Morgen’. “I like the 505 concerts because they are not against anything or anyone. I don’t want to make too extreme statements about a cold society, but I still think we could use a little more humanity. Connection too. I feel like everyone lives too much on their own island. We have forgotten how to engage in conversation, we have difficulty empathizing with others.”

“I am standing here because I am concerned about the increasing polarization in society. I have a great deal of sympathy for the people who put together this event. It has something connecting, just what we need now,” says Bert Ostyn of Absynthe Minded. He was also there as an artist eighteen years ago, at the 0110 concerts in Ghent. “Have I seen any improvement since then? Sorry, I sound gloomy now: but no. It seems like our society is becoming more and more intolerant. Take that word ‘population’, which more and more people are using. So I hate that. Whose population? The child minder, the cleaning helper, the night shop operator around the corner? Come on.”

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There is a great line-up ready today such as Filip Kowlier. © Klaas De Scheirder

Tap water

Police and organizations call on people to use public transport, on foot or by bicycle as much as possible. Sint-Jansplein is not far from Antwerp Central Station and is close to several bus and tram lines. Additional buses, trams or trains are not planned.

Visitors can enter on Sunday without a ticket, but there will be a security check, especially of backpacks. You are not allowed to bring food and drinks, according to the organization there are sufficient facilities in this regard. You can bring an empty cup to use for free tap water on site.

If the maximum capacity of the square (approx. 10,000 people) is reached, the police and organization can close the entrances.

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The organization expects 20,000 visitors to Sint-Jansplein.
The organization expects 20,000 visitors to Sint-Jansplein. © Klaas De Scheirder
The 505 concerts attract many young spectators.
The 505 concerts attract many young spectators. © Klaas De Scheirder

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