Erik Goossens case declared bankrupt: “It hurt”

Erik Goossens case declared bankrupt: “It hurt”
Erik Goossens case declared bankrupt: “It hurt”

Actor and presenter Erik Goossens has to deal with a serious setback. His company has just declared bankruptcy.

Goossens was told this week at the corporate court in Antwerp that his company Boxs no longer exists. The company had existed for years and was involved in, among other things, marketing, events for organizations and brands, creating all kinds of content and branding.

Goossens announced the news himself. “Giving up the business was not easy and painful. But it was necessary for myself and for my future. Persevering now means letting go. I will take the friends, the knowledge and the memories with me. I am grateful to everyone who gave me the opportunity to make a difference to them.”

Last year, Erik stated in an interview that his “war chest” had been completely depleted after three years of crisis. It is not known whether there are any creditors.

More than twenty years ago, Goossens himself became involved in a fight when he came to demand his money back from a bankrupt company in Beerse. The victim – the manager – reports a robbery, said she suffered a concussion from a smashed door and that her mobile phone was stolen. The police thought it was an argument that got out of hand.


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