‘I advocate a universal income, so that working is no longer necessary’: anarchist artist becomes list pusher

‘I advocate a universal income, so that working is no longer necessary’: anarchist artist becomes list pusher
‘I advocate a universal income, so that working is no longer necessary’: anarchist artist becomes list pusher

Why this commitment?

“As an artist you should not keep complaining and stand on the sidelines. I have tried something politically several times, such as with Banana. Transparency has interesting views, for example around problems with housing and uninhabitable homes and the unlikely ‘pharaoh projects’ regarding the metro. We agree on that point. I found it interesting to participate and support this.

“There is little talk about culture. It is low in political programs, while it is important to make people aware. It is difficult to introduce a different sound, because the classical parts predominate. This is worth a try, but I have no illusions: if elections could change the world, they would be banned.”

You are on the list as an independent candidate on behalf of your own party Banaan. How does this work?

“I retain my freedom of speech. We do not have to agree with each other on the content, it is an expression of support. Transparency’s vision is not necessarily my own. For example, I think we should abolish free parking, they are not in favor of that. I advocate a universal income at birth, so that working is no longer necessary. Working is allowed, but those who are satisfied with that basic income can enjoy walking through the woods.

“Rest assured: Banana will not come to power. The supporters will always be a small minority, but so what? A party like Banaan is important because it makes people smile and see that politics can be something other than that boring stuff.”

But Transparency aims higher than that, right?

“Yes, they do want to participate in power, they still believe in that (laughs). Transparency, for example, requires direct citizen control of government money. They want sanctions for governments that do not publish their invoices and subsidies online.”

You have performed playful actions and stunts in the past. You announced an annual coup and opened a Panty Museum. What awaits us during the campaign?

“It is still too early to say what awaits you. But start shaking already.”

Why should there be a banana peel under Brussels politics?

“To make politicians think a little and let them slip. To put a grain of sand, or no, a pebble, in their custom-made shoes. When they see me participating, there is always a slight tremor running through the world of politics. Because they know I can’t be controlled.”

What can your background as an artist contribute to that political arena?

“The essence: why are we alive? Politics is more than accounting. You have to concern yourself with people’s happiness. Life is short. God does not exist, so give us paradise now.”

How do you want to achieve that?

“You have to give people more freedom and make them aware. Abolish inheritance law and replace it with a lottery. When people die, their possessions are raffled off again. When you get up in the morning, you could suddenly have won a villa in Saint-Tropez. Life can change. Not now. The money always remains in the hands of the same small group of people. The lottery – luck – is in fact the only thing that is ultimately democratic.

“Artists need to be more involved in society. Of course it’s not healthy, politics. You go there with heavy hearts. It’s not pleasant. And neither are all those politicians.”

And now you just let yourself be dragged into it. Do you see yourself having a successful political career?

“Yes, everything is possible. I am qualified and willing to become Minister of Culture. Then I want the same budget as the Belgian army.” (laughs)

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