This is why you should wash your hair with cold water every now and then

This is why you should wash your hair with cold water every now and then
This is why you should wash your hair with cold water every now and then

Wash your hair during a cold shower? I do not think so! However, it is better to set the shower to ice cubes mode when you wash your hair. According to experts, this can have a number of benefits for your hair.

Advantages of hot water

Wash your hair with hot water is common for most people and of course also brings a number of benefits. For example, higher temperatures open the pores, allowing shampoo and other products to penetrate the scalp better. “Washing your hair with hot water can help remove dirt, product and oil more effectively than cold water,” says Alexis Granitea certified dermatologist with expertise in general and cosmetic dermatology Byrdie.

Are you going to bleach your hair? Please take this into account!

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Are you going to bleach your hair? Please take this into account!

Disadvantages of hot water

However, there are also disadvantages to washing with warm water. For example, hot water can strip the hair of its natural oils, which can lead to dryness of the hair and scalp and cause irritation and itching. “The condition of the scalp has a huge impact on hair growth and health, so a dry, unhealthy scalp with dandruff can stunt hair growth or weaken the strands,” shares Dendy Engelmancertified cosmetic dermatologist and Mohs surgeon at Shafer Clinic in New York City. In addition to a dry and itchy scalp, washing your hair with hot water can also worsen conditions such as seborrheic dermatitis and dermatitis.

According to Hasan Benar, dermatologist and aesthetic doctor, washing your hair with hot water can also change the appearance of your hair: “When you wash your hair with hot water, your hair follicles are exposed to environmental and oxidative damage, which can lead to hair loss. Hair loss accelerates due to the loosening grip of the damaged hair roots. This can also lead to premature graying,” he says.

Advantages of cold water

Experts therefore recommend washing your hair occasionally cold water to wash. Cold water would, among other things, ensure that the natural oils of the hair are preserved. “Preserving your hair’s natural oils helps limit dryness, itching and irritation,” says Engelman. You also maintain the shine in your hair. “Cold water works on the hair by closing the hair cuticles and pores in the scalp, making the hair more shiny because closing the pores retains moisture.”

The cold water also keeps your hair hydrated for a lot longer because the cold water closes the pores, keeping the moisture content high. And this hydration helps to prevent dandruff. “Because showering with cold water helps the scalp retain moisture, this will in turn reduce dandruff and the associated irritation,” says Engelman.

Disadvantages of cold water

Are there any disadvantages to washing with cold water? Unfortunately yes. Cold water does a great job of helping hair retain moisture, but excess moisture can make hair look flat and less voluminous. “When hair retains moisture, too much oil can remain in the scalp, making it look and feel greasy and flat,” says Engelman. In addition, it is not exactly comfortable to stand under a cold shower. Still, according to Engelman, it is worth it. “While cold showers can sometimes feel alarming and almost painful, the benefits to skin, hair and body health outweigh the discomfort,” says Engelman.

What is the ideal temperature then? It is best to use lukewarm water. “If you have oily hair, you can finish with a warmer rinse to more thoroughly remove oils and product,” suggests Benar. “During the summer months you can use water at a lower temperature,” Engelman added. Clearly!

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