Cannabis for personal use is now legal in Germany

Cannabis for personal use is now legal in Germany
Cannabis for personal use is now legal in Germany

Possessing and consuming cannabis in Germany is now legal for adults under certain conditions. The so-called cannabis law came into effect on April 1, despite major opposition from the opposition, the states and professional associations within healthcare, the judiciary and the police.

“Today we are putting an end to a failed ban policy,” Social Democratic Health Minister Karl Lauterbach defends the new law. He speaks of a historic opportunity. “From now on, we combine a real alternative to the black market with better protection for children and young people. It couldn’t go on like this.”

The government claims that cannabis consumption has increased despite the ban and that the black market is growing. Cannabis obtained there may also pose higher health risks as the active substance is unknown and the cannabis could contain toxic additives and impurities.

Avoiding addiction

In the first phase, possession, private cultivation and consumption of certain amounts of cannabis will be permitted for adults. From July, in a second phase, so-called growers’ associations will be able to grow and supply cannabis to their members under strict conditions and controlled by the state. At the same time, the law provides for measures to avoid addiction.

Now that the law comes into effect, cannabis will disappear from the list of prohibited substances. Anyone over the age of 18 may now carry 25 grams of cannabis for personal use. Three plants and up to 50 grams of cannabis are allowed at home. Blowing is not permitted everywhere. For example, there is a ban near children and young people, at schools, daycare centers and playing and sports fields. Cannabis is also not allowed to be smoked in pedestrian zones during the day.

Cannabis remains prohibited for minors in all circumstances. Anyone who passes drugs on to a minor risks a prison sentence.

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