Kim and David’s marriage in dire straits: ‘I don’t know if it can be repaired’ | RTL Boulevard

Kim and David’s marriage in dire straits: ‘I don’t know if it can be repaired’ | RTL Boulevard
Kim and David’s marriage in dire straits: ‘I don’t know if it can be repaired’ | RTL Boulevard

The five remaining couples from ‘Married at First Sight’ have reported to a beautiful villa in Noordwijk for a couples week. The cheerful Kim (34) and the intelligent David (35) arrived with mixed feelings. Their marriage seems to have reached its lowest point…

“I just don’t know what to do next?”

Kim did not experience the car ride to the couples week as ‘very pleasant’, to say the least. Contact between the two is difficult after the honeymoon. “He did post something on social media and did not respond to my text.” This led to an altercation in the car, during which David indicated that he would rather turn around and go home. Still, they decided to try to make something nice for the week.

The couples gather on the couch for a conversation with presenter Carlo Boszhard. “Describe your relationship in one word,” he asks each duo. Kim describes the relationship as a roller coaster that is sometimes fun and other times not. Carlo curiously asks what Kim misses in the relationship. “I miss the attraction and the spark.”

Carlo sees that David is touched by these words. He indicates that he has exposed himself, but does not have to count on appreciation from his wife: according to Kim, David does not always do what he says. Carlo believes that this answer deserves more explanation. “Other things were said when the cameras weren’t rolling,” Kim tries to get rid of Carlo. This has damaged her trust.

Carlo doesn’t leave it at that, but Kim would rather not go into details. “Is this about living together?” David asks his wife. David reveals that there has been disagreement about this. While David would have liked to live together on weekdays, Kim in turn only wanted to do this on weekends. “It is such a shame that trust has been damaged by something that I still see as a misunderstanding,” David says honestly. Carlo advises the couple to start all over again this week.

The group discussion stirred up a lot for Kim and David. Neither of them slept a wink. Crying for the Married at First Sight –camera shows Kim that she is hurt. David also doesn’t feel ‘okay’ with this situation.

Kim blames David for his harsh words the night before, with David showing little empathy for the fact that Kim’s trust has been damaged and turning his back on his wife out of anger. There is even swearing. “I just don’t know what to do next,” Kim says helplessly. She wonders out loud whether the damage can still be repaired.

Expert Anne Campagne talks to Kim and David to discover whether this marriage can still be saved. Kim kicks off the conversation and indicates that David and she are not ‘on the same page’. While Kim is very open, David runs away from situations. “If you don’t talk, you won’t get any further,” the blonde indicates.

David would rather distance himself before starting the conversation with his wife. He just never said this to Kim. She quickly feels insecure because of her bullying history. According to David, it is a good idea for a couple to express nice things to each other. “My approach is to continue with lightheartedness and see if there is more to it,” Kim suggests. David agrees.

The couple decides to sleep in a separate room for a good night’s sleep. Whether this decision will cause the couple to look at the relationship with fresh eyes remains to be seen. You see Married at First Sight every Tuesday and Wednesday at 8:30 PM on RTL 4. You can watch ahead at Videoland.

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