OH Leuven puts even more emphasis on the Standard chowder season with a victory


OH Leuven


  1. 22′ – Yellow – Hakim Sahabo
  2. 43′ – Goal – Kelvin Yeboah (0 – 1)
  1. 17:07 – Cont. Cihan Canak by Kamal Sowah
  2. 47′ – Free kick goal – Youssef Maziz (1 – 1)
  3. 65′ – Cont. Mathieu Maertens by Jón Dagur Thorsteinsson
  4. 65′ – Cont. Suphanat Mueanta by Nachon Nsingi
  5. 70′ – Cont. Hayao Kawabe by Brahim Ghalidi
  6. 73′ – Goal – Nachon Nsingi (2 – 1)
  7. 75′ – Cont. Youssef Maziz by Joren Dom
  8. 79′ – Cont. Jonathan Panzo by Moussa Djenepo
  9. 82′ – Cont. Richie Sagrado by Kento Misao
  10. 82′ – Cont. Ezekiel Banzuzi by Ewoud Pletinckx
  11. 84′ – Cont. Marlon Fossey by Steven Alzate
  12. 90+3′ – Goal – Jón Dagur Thorsteinsson (3 – 1)
  13. 90+3′ – Yellow – Jón Dagur Thorsteinsson

Jupiler Pro League – matchday 7 – 05/05/24 – 16:02

time icon player homeTime homeIcon homePlayer score awayPlayer awayIcon awayTime


Kelvin Yeboah

0 – 1

Kelvin Yeboah



Youssef Maziz


Youssef Maziz

1 – 1


Nachon Nsingi


Nachon Nsingi

2 – 1


Jón Dagur Thorsteinsson


Jón Dagur Thorsteinsson

3 – 1

You better be a Standard supporter. After five colorless draws in a row, the Rouches now lost 3-1 to OH Leuven. The visitors had taken the lead through Yeboah, but after the break OHL completely turned the situation around thanks to goals from Maziz, Nsingi and Thorsteinsson. Out of dissatisfaction, the Standard fans threw cups on the field.

OH Leuven – Standard in a nutshell:

  • Key moment: Standard goes into halftime with a lead, but loses it after two minutes. The push that OHL needed to move on afterwards.
  • Man of the match: With a goal and an assist, substitute Nsingi was the architect of the recovery in the second half.
  • Statistics: Standard continues to wait for a new away win. The last one dates back to September 30, 2023.

Underemployed Standard goes under

There is little to play for for both OH Leuven and Standard in these Europe Play-offs. Both coaches therefore opted for some rotation and gave young players and bench sitters some extra minutes.

The home team in particular showed themselves to be fiery and motivated at times. Under the impetus of Youssef Maziz and Akimoto, Leuven occasionally came out sharp. After ten minutes, young goalie Epolo had to keep Standard upright with two crucial saves.

Standard itself posed little to no danger, but did take the lead just before half time. Yeboah was able to take advantage of hesitant defending and finished neatly.

The people of Liège could not enjoy their lead for long. After a full minute in the second half, Maziz painted a free kick nicely over the wall. Epolo arrived too late and had to give in this time.

The game did not improve, and at times the pace was very slow.

Substitute Nsingi caused a stir. With fifteen minutes to go, the Belgian surprisingly scored from a great distance. Epolo was also surprised and could do nothing but turn around.

In the end it suddenly became very easy for the home team. Dom first saw a goal disallowed for offside. 40 seconds later it was Thorsteinsson who scored the third goal.

Frustrated Liège fans had no other way to express their frustration than to pelt goalkeeper Prevot with some cups. A reaction even sadder than the game of their team.


“We were the better team everywhere”

Nachon Nsingi (OHL): “We have achieved a great performance. We gave it 100 percent and we know that we will be difficult to beat at home.”

Siebe Writers (OHL): “We deserved to win. It was disappointing that we went into halftime with a deficit. Fortunately, we were able to correct that after halftime. We were the better team everywhere on the field.”

Phase by phase

END: 3-1

End of the match. A small Standard loses without a chance against OHL. Despite leading at half-time, they still conceded three goals afterwards.

No offside. The goal counts!

The VAR looks at the goal again. Is the party canceled again?

Now number 3

If Dom doesn’t do it, Thorsteinsson will. The Icelander has plenty of space, plays around Noubi and chips Epolo to make it 3-1.

The party is cancelled. In the replay we see how Dom takes the high ball with his hand and sneaks past Laifis.


Dom turns out the lights for good! Nsingi only comes out on the counter and then kicks a high and far crossball to Dom. To his own surprise, Laifis is able to pass him by, and afterwards he crashes hard through Epolo’s legs.

An extra 5 minutes will be added.

We’re going to play five minutes of extra time in a moment. Can Standard still pull something out of the fire?

Nsingi gives OHL the lead!

What a goal! Substitute Nsingi makes a blistering and surprising strike from about five meters from the box. Epolo was clearly surprised too because he could only watch as the ball flew into the net.

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