KV Kortrijk takes a new step towards retention with victory, Eupen drops out of the first division after 8 years


KV Kortrijk

KAS Eupen

  1. 14′ – Yellow – Abdoulaye Sissako
  2. 16′ – Yellow – Renaud Emond
  3. 29′ – Red – Boris Lambert
  4. 45′ – Cont. Renaud Emond by Brandon Baiye
  5. 45+6′ – Yellow – Isaak Davies
  6. 45+6′ – Yellow – Aleksandr Filin
  7. 45+10′ – Goal – João Silva (1 – 0)
  1. 59′ – Cont. Abdoulaye Sissako by Marco Kana
  2. 65′ – Cont. Amadou Keita by Kevin Möhwald
  3. 65′ – Cont. Yentl Van Genechten by Isaac Nuhu
  4. 69′ – Yellow – Lucas Pirard
  5. 72′ – Cont. Thierry Ambrose by Felipe Avenatti
  6. 77′ – Cont. Shayne Pattynama by Jan Král
  7. 77′ – Cont. Brandon Baiye by Karol Youndje Sihon
  8. 81′ – Yellow – Karol Youndje Sihon
  9. 81′ – Yellow – Nayel Mehssatou
  10. 90+2′ – Cont. Kings Kangwa by Massimo Bruno

Jupiler Pro League – matchday 5 – 05/05/24 – 19:16

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João Silva


João Silva

1 – 0

An extra portion of hope for KV Kortrijk, but the definitive end for Eupen. With a narrow victory, the West Flemish people have taken another major step in their mission to ensure conservation. Joao Silva scored the only goal in the nervous match, in which the visitors played with ten for more than an hour. Due to the defeat, Eupen disappears from the first division after 8 years.

Kortrijk – Eupen in a nutshell:

  • Key moment: With five minutes to go, Eupen seems to be given a lifeline, but referee Verboomen ignores the VAR advice and does not whistle a penalty for the visitors.
  • Man of the match: Kadri was invaluable for Kortrijk again. The best footballer on the field provided an assist and was the cause of many dangers.
  • Statistics: Before tonight, it was the first time since 2010 that Kortrijk could win a league match against Eupen at home. Goals were scored by Kums and Mboyo, among others.

Kortrijk benefits optimally

An all-decisive must-win match for Eupen and the ultimate opportunity for Kortrijk to stay in the running for retention.

The tension was palpable in the Guldenspoorstadion, but there was also nervousness on the field.

It was a long wait for a first chance, the initial phase was characterized by poor passes and a nervous VAR check.

Only after twenty minutes did both teams create a few chances, but barely ten minutes later the match took a completely new turn.

Eupen captain Lambert was late in a tackle on Sissako and was sent off without mercy after a new VAR intervention. The mission for the visitors became even more difficult.

Kortrijk had smelled blood and moved forward more emphatically. On the stroke of half time it was the prize. Captain Silva headed Kadri’s free kick neatly past Slonina.


VAR plays a leading role

After the break, Kortrijk opted to keep the ball and took little initiative. Risky with an economical lead, but with a tired Eupen there seemed to be no problem.

The home crowd was also celebrating after an hour. Kortrijk came close to 2-0 a few times, including with Kadri and Ambrose, but that second redeeming goal did not come.

And suddenly around the 85th minute it became silent in the Guldenspoorstadion when Charles-Cook was left in the box after a rare counter-attack.

The winger was lightly tapped by Mampassi, enough for Tubize to send referee Verboomen to the screen.

But what everyone in the stadium feared did not happen. Verboomen stuck to his decision and continued playing. Discharge at Kortrijk, upheaval at Eupen.

There were no more big opportunities afterwards. Kortrijk moves into second place in the Play-offs and has everything in its own hands against Charleroi next week. Eupen drops back to 1B after eight seasons.


“The ref’s decision was very brave”

Marco Kana (Kortrijk): “We did what we had to do. Maybe not in the nicest way, but the mission was accomplished. We now have our destiny in our own hands. I am confident that we will finish it next week.”

Freyr Alexandersson (coach Kortrijk): “We didn’t play well, but these matches are 90 percent a mental game. I have a lot of respect for the referee for sticking to his opinion during the VAR phase. That is very brave. Also respect for my team, because These are not easy games. Next week we have to give everything one more time.”

Phase by phase

END: 1-0

Party in Kortrijk, over & out for Eupen. The visitors disappear from the first division after eight seasons. Kortrijk lives thanks to this economical victory and jumps to second place. Next week they can secure that place in Charleroi.

It’s pumping balls, but with two minutes to go, two goals are almost impossible.

The recently substituted Bruno had the 2-0 at his feet, but Slonina goes flat and pushes his shot out of the corner!

Eupen insists. Palsson aims a shot a meter above the cage.

An extra 6 minutes will be added.

With trembling legs, Kortrijk pushes forward once again. Such a one-goal lead is of course crazy.

No penalty! What an explosion in the stadium and what amazement at Eupen. Verboomen sticks to his position and lets the game continue.

It is suddenly silent in the Guldenspoorstadion. Verboomen should go and take a look!


Charles-Cook flashes the last of his strength into the box and lies down. Mampassi doesn’t hit the ball, but the contact isn’t really heavy either. The VAR looks at the situation.

We’re in the last ten minutes. What else can Eupen do?

KVK was there again. Kadri tests Slonina with a creditable shot. The goalkeeper floats the attempt out of his cage.

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