LIVE: Vomiting immediately hangs the signs in front of Deinze. 1-1 with fifteen minutes to play!


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The assistant indicates 4 minutes extra time


It is now Deinze that is more looking for a goal in Lommel


Twice Mercier reaches the back line and crosses with his outside. The first time he finds no one. The second time, but his teammate cannot finish.


Alessio Staelens
Submerged Nicolas Mercier


With just under ten minutes to play, the winning goal could still be scored by either side. Neither team really has the upper hand.



Goal by Sven Braken (Guillaume De Schryver)
There’s the equalizer! The first big opportunity for Deinze is an immediate hit. Substitute Braken neatly sends in a cross and levels the score again.


Despite a lead, Lommel coach Steve Bould still decides to use an extra attacker at the expense of a defender…


To replace Henry Oware
Submerged Arthur Sales


Deinze arrives. Now it is a cross from Van Landschoot that just cannot reach another player.


To replace Souleymane Anne
Submerged Guillaume De Schryver


To replace Lennart Mertens
Submerged Sven Braken


Chance for Soulaymane!
Souleymane can push through from the right and attempt to give way or make the decision himself, but again De Busser puts a stop to that.


Staelens reaches the back line and passes, but again there is De Busser who is only too happy to keep his nets clean.


Yellow card for Souleymane Anne
Souleymane wants to steal the ball from Karim Dermane with a tackle, but only hits the Lommel midfielder.


There was Vancsa again, but this time his shot didn’t go in.



Goal by Zalan Vancsa (Kluiverth Aguilar)
Nice attack from Lommel in the large rectangle of Deinze. Aguilar passes to Vancsa who taps the ball in at the far post.


Schoofs reaches the back line and gives a tight and low shot in front of goal, but there is no Lommel player who can run in the ball.


The ball rolls again in Lommel!



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Two minutes extra time.


Yellow card for Teo Quintero León
First yellow card of the match goes to Quintero. Deinze’s number 3 goes too hard on a Lommel player.


The ball ends up at Vancsa’s feet from the right. The wing attacker wants to look for the farthest corner with the right, but a Deinze defender prevents that.


Deinze does not have too much trouble with the high pressure from Lommel for the time being, they always play easy football, but for the time being without extra success.


Talvitie kicks a ball hard on goal from just outside the box. The ball does not find the net and goes wide by a few meters.


Vancsa’s deflected shot flies towards Rosa, who tries to hit the target spectacularly with a bicycle kick. However, his shot does not go towards the goal


It goes well back and forth. Both teams quickly seek out their opponent’s goal.


De Busser again with the save!
Deinze should have always been ahead here! Mertens gets the ball in the small box, turns and kicks, but De Busser is standing there again.


Problem at De Busser? The Lommel goalkeeper remains on the ground for a moment while Wouters is changing his shoes.


Almost Deinze!
A clever long ball is well controlled by Van Landschoot, who comes one on one with the Lommel goalkeeper. De Busser can reach it with his fingertips and process the ball into a corner.


Lommel now also has a chance. Dermane gets the ball in his feet after a corner and kicks on goal. His shot finds the leg of a Deinze defender


The first shot on target is one for Deinze, but the Lommel goalkeeper can easily save


Lommel SK – SK Deinze: 0-0
Lommel SK (Lommel SK - SK Deinze)

Lommel SK:
Kluiverth Aguilar – Jesper Tolinsson – Dries Wouters – Henry Oware – Álex Granell Nogué – Karim Dermane – Lucas Schoofs – Juho Talvitie – Diego Rosa – Zalan Vancsa – Jari De Busser

Nikola Ivezic – Jhon Banguera – Álvaro Santos – Leon Lalic – Toon Franssen – Glenn Neven – Robin Henkens – Arthur Sales

SK Deinze (Lommel SK - SK Deinze)

SK Deinze:
Nacho Miras – Laurent Lemoine – Teo Quintero León – Christophe Janssens – Gonzalo Almenara Hernández – Kenneth Schuermans – Jellert Van Landschoot – Souleymane Anne – Lennart Mertens – Alessio Staelens – Gaëtan Hendrickx

Sven Braken – Mamadou Koné – Victor Guillermo Alvarez Delgado – Jur Schrijvers – Guillaume De Schryver – Nicolas Mercier – Jaime Sierra Mateos – Denis Prychynenko – William Dutoit


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