Flooding due to heavy showers, house in Lierop destroyed after lightning strike

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Flooding in Venlo

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Thunderstorms, heavy rainfall and hail have caused nuisance in various places in the country. The rain will continue at least until the morning, especially in the south of the country, the KNMI expects.

Thunderstorms may still occur in the center and west of the country, the weather service expects. This may be accompanied by hail and lots of rain. This means there is a risk of flooding.

The KNMI had issued code yellow in the afternoon for the provinces of North and South Holland, Zeeland, Utrecht, Flevoland, Gelderland, North Brabant and Limburg. The weather code applies in the last two provinces until 11 a.m. tomorrow morning. In the other provinces the warning applies until the beginning of the night.

Nuisance in Limburg

Several streets in Limburg are flooded and a house in Lierop burned down after a lightning strike.

Venlo is experiencing serious flooding due to heavy showers. Several streets, including in the center, are flooded. According to regional broadcaster L1, people are standing in water up to their knees. In addition, water runs into buildings.

There is also flooding in other places in Limburg, including in Kerkrade and Valkenburg. Due to a lightning strike, no trains ran for hours between Weert and Roermond. Train traffic resumed around 10:30 p.m.

Flooding due to heavy rain, streets are flooded

There is water on the road on several highways. The A2 towards Eindhoven is closed between the Kruisdonk and Meerssen junction, just above Maastricht, due to flooding. There is also flooding on the A67 near Venlo and the A79 near Klimmen.

The fire brigade in Limburg-Noord calls on people not to call the emergency services in case of flooding in their basement or home due to the large crowds.

Lightning strike

There is also flooding outside Limburg. Streets in Voorthuizen in Gelderland were flooded. The fire brigade had to pump out a basement and replace manhole covers, Omroep Gelderland reports.

Large hailstones fell in Ede in Gelderland:

Gerjon van Dam / NOS Eyewitness
Residents of Ede found hailstones with a diameter of 3 cm

A large fire raged in a house with a thatched roof in the Brabant village of Lierop. According to the fire brigade, the fire may have been caused by lightning. No one was injured, but the house was completely destroyed, according to Omroep Brabant. Shelter has been arranged for the residents.

The flames were shooting out of the building on all sides:

House with thatched roof in ashes, possibly due to lightning strike

Lightning also struck two trees in the Brabant village of Landhorst. The trees then fell over the road. A bus and a camper were damaged.

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