Viva la Musica has won first prize cum laude at the EMJ twice

Viva la Musica has won first prize cum laude at the EMJ twice
Viva la Musica has won first prize cum laude at the EMJ twice

Zuidwolde/Meppel – The youth choir and ensemble went to Neerpelt in Belgium last weekend to participate in the most famous choir competition for youth in Europe: The 72nd European Music Festival for Youth. It is a huge event, 91 choirs came together to sing for the juries and for each other. First prizes were won twice.

The entire village and the villages surrounding it have been involved in all kinds of ways to make it possible for all these young people from 13 different countries to sing, sleep and eat.

The entire youth choir and ensemble participated. On Saturday, the entire youth choir first sang 7 songs in 7 different languages ​​in a church near Neerpelt in the same-voice youth choir category. Despite the nerves of the 20 choir members and the conductor Ceciel van der Zee, it went very well. In the afternoon we heard other choirs and later in the afternoon all the choirs gathered and walked in a parade through the village, applauded by the residents. The mood was cheerful, despite the brief rain shower. All 2,800 choristers were given a place in the immense sports hall where a show was performed and ultimately the prizes were announced and awarded. We were very happy when we heard that we had received the first prize with honors. A huge reward after all the hard work of the past few months.

The only ensemble

The next day it was the ensemble’s turn. They sang in a theater hall in the Free Series category because they sang with fewer than 12 members. They were also the only ensemble that weekend and had another jury who responded very enthusiastically to the young ladies. They even received a standing ovation after their last song. They also received first prize cum laude in the evening.

These were inspiring days for the Viva members and it was a treat to hear and speak to so many other choirs. These reviews are a great milestone in the choir school’s 35th anniversary. We hope to experience many more.

Made possible by the Anjer Cultuurfonds Drenthe, the Anjer Cultuurfonds Meppel, the Burgerweeshuis Meppel, the municipality of De Wolden and the province of Drenthe.


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