I celebrated Easter in the US. Pretty different

I celebrated Easter in the US. Pretty different
I celebrated Easter in the US. Pretty different

Jester (25) studies Journalism at HU and writes columns for Trajectum.

Normally Easter is a pleasant holiday. Or well, at least a brunch where eggs are hidden. This year I celebrated it with the other exchange students and American friends and their families.

Well I can tell you: Easter is the same everywhere. Hunt for eggs and have brunch and drinks. Instead of wine this time, whiskey (better in my opinion.) Nothing unique in itself. Until the Ukrainian exchange student had to explain why funding for Ukraine of the United States is so important…

The Republican, a friendly, tough man with a lot of interest in the outside world (a pity he is stuck in the Republican bubble), asked our opinion. About the war in Ukraine. The Ukrainian exchange student then calmly began to explain that the impetus for this war was already given in 2014, when Crimea was occupied by Russia.

With even more fighting going on, there is much more media attention on the conflict, he explained. The Republican, who at first was clearly against money for Ukraine, because it felt far from his bed, now had tears in his eyes.

This was followed by conversations with the German exchange student, who explained what his history lessons about World War II were like. Namely a lot more extensive, and with the answer to the question of how a man like Hitler could have come to power. And that it was not the fault of this generation of Germans.

The British student explained that he would never have voted for Brexit himself. And why it football is and not soccer.

And I, the Dutchman, had to explain where the Netherlands was…

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