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The man suspected of shooting dead Dutch commando Simmie Poetsema will appear in court in September. This was decided by the court in Indiana, the American state where the shooting took place in 2022.

Poetsema and two other Dutch soldiers were shot in August 2022 in front of a hotel in the city of Indianapolis. The 26-year-old corporal died of his injuries in hospital.

According to American media, the shooting was the result of an argument. The suspect, 22-year-old Shamar Duncan, was charged with the murder of Poetsema and the attempted murder of the two other soldiers.

Duncan comes to trial in Indiana after two years. Judge Marshelle Broadwell has according The Telegraph determined that the case will begin on September 23. The verdict should follow four days later.

The start of the case was postponed several times. The suspect’s lawyer wanted, among other things, to repeatedly question witnesses.

  • 31 aug 2022 om 22:36

    Nederlandse militair in Indianapolis gedood door groep ‘die uit was op ruzie’

  • 1 sep 2022 om 18:22

    22-jarige man aangeklaagd voor moord op Nederlandse militair in Indianapolis

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