Baltimore Key Bridge collapse: Temporary channel opens for boats working on bridge response


Maryland Gov. Wes Moore on Monday gave an update on his four directives in the wake of the bridge collapse.

In order to achieve his first goal — recovering the four victims who remain missing — Moore said there needs to be more work done to clear the channel in order to move forward.

A portion of the bridge under the water was described as “chaotic wreckage,” Moore said, and the water is “so murky and so filled with debris that diverse cannot see any more than a foot or two in front of them.”

Every time a diver goes into the water to search for a victim, “they are taking a risk,” Moore said.

The governor said he wants the recovery mission to be completed with no casualties. Six people have been killed in the bridge collapse, Moore said, adding, “I refuse to lose any more.”

As for another goal — reopening channel traffic — the governor described the scale of the project as “enormous.”

“Unified Command has scheduled another lift for later today, pending conditions — specifically pending lightning. And they will be lifting an estimated 350-ton piece from the bridge,” Moore said.

A temporary channel opened Monday to help get more vessels in the water around the site of the collapse, he said.

“The temporary channel will be marked with government lights to aid navigation and will have a controlling depth of 11 feet,” Moore said.

Crews are also working on creating a second temporary channel that will measure about 15 feet deep, he said. That’s expected to open “in the coming days,” he said.

After more debris is cleared, crews will also work to open a third alternate channel with a depth expected around 20 to 25 feet, said Rear Adm. Shannon Gilreath, commander of the Fifth Coast Guard District. No timeline for this channel is known.

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