The new Tomb Raider game may be completely open world

The new Tomb Raider game may be completely open world
The new Tomb Raider game may be completely open world

Since developer Crystal Dynamics stopped supporting the failed live service superhero game Marvel’s Avengers, the California (United States) studio has been busy creating a new Tomb Raider game.

Rumors have it that this won’t be a sequel to the modern reboot that ended with Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Lara would also again have the iconic double pistols from the classic games. However, nothing has been confirmed other than that a new Tomb Raider game is in development and Amazon will be publishing it.

Insider V Scooper, now comes with a new rumor about the new Tomb Raider game. This insider often comes up with news about movies, but now he also has information about the Tomb Raider video game. The game would be completely open world. The previous games had open maps with linear sections such as tombs or a cinematic shootout.

With the new Tomb Raider, Crystal Dynamics is going completely open world, according to V Scooper’s rumor. Because it is open world, Lara also has more tools at her disposal to explore the world, such as a motorcycle and a parachute. The story is said to be set in India and revolve around a group called Society of Raiders. This is a group that was founded by Lara Croft, but everyone here has their own agenda.

“A natural disaster strikes northern India, revealing the ruins and artifacts of the ancient Emperor Ashoka. Lara strategically races against a Society of Raiders and other rivals for these powerful relics. The Society of Raiders is inspired by Lara, but is not affiliated and may have some opposing agendas. This also covers a new feature based on recruiting teams and allies to help you strategically on missions and defeat rivals. The emphasis is on a new non-lethal combat option.”

According to V Scooper, the new Tomb Raider game will be officially revealed soon. Possibly during an upcoming PlayStation or Xbox Showcase presentation. There is also a chance that Tomb Raider will be featured during the Summer Game Fest, an event that will also take place in early June.

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