Does Ruben Van Gucht dream of a second child with wife Blanka? “Not really, but it also depends on her” | Ltd

Does Ruben Van Gucht dream of a second child with wife Blanka? “Not really, but it also depends on her” | Ltd
Does Ruben Van Gucht dream of a second child with wife Blanka? “Not really, but it also depends on her” | Ltd

LtdSports journalist Ruben Van Gucht (37) spoke candidly on Radio2 about his love life and his unusual family situation. His wife Blanka Vlasic (40) and their son Mondo live permanently in Croatia, while he resides in Belgium. A second child is therefore not yet an option. “We wanted so badly to become parents and experience that love. That has now been completed.”

Van Gucht does not live with his wife Blanka Vlasic (former world high jump champion) and their son Mondo. He lives and works in Belgium, the rest of the family in Croatia. An expansion of the family is therefore not imminent. “I don’t necessarily want a second child,” he admits to Anja Daems. “But of course that also depends on Blanka. She will be forty this year, but I don’t get the impression that she is having a hard time with that.” The sports journalist is very happy with his family of three. “Blanka and I really wanted to become mom and dad. We wanted to experience the feeling and that love. That has now been completed, so I don’t need a second child.”

This also has to do with the practical side, he says. “If we have another child, Blanka in particular will have to bear that pressure on her shoulders. I have my obligations in Belgium and I do not want to give up my job. This is my childhood dream and she knows it. She has also made a career of her own, but today our son in particular makes her very happy. I can imagine that the idea of ​​having a second child with her could still mature, but that is not an option at the moment.”

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Ruben Van Gucht, Blanka Vlasic and their son Mondo. © Instagram

Van Gucht is very proud of his wife’s achievements. For example, he has a large photo of Blanca hanging in his living room, from when she jumped her record height. “She really was a world star in athletics,” he beams. “But otherwise she is also a wonderful, very sweet woman. Blanka is a fantastic mom to our son. I have nothing but praise for what she does.” With this he also silences all evil voices – who claim that Van Gucht has already cheated on his wife several times. “She is not physically present in my life every day, but I see her every day when I get up, here in the living room.”

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