Anderlecht is perplexed: controversial player goes crazy

Anderlecht is perplexed: controversial player goes crazy
Anderlecht is perplexed: controversial player goes crazy

Kasper Schmeichel is about to take his position as goalkeeper of Anderlecht again after a short injury period. His return is seen as a major boost for the team, not only because of his qualities as a goalkeeper, but also because of his experience and leadership.

Although initially criticized for his performances, Schmeichel has transformed and is now considered Anderlecht’s best player in the Champions’ Play-offs.

His ability to spread the play with his feet and even draw opponents out of their tent has even been described as “second to none” by Brian Riemer.

LDH: “Schmeichel is Anderlecht’s best player in the play-offs”

A changing of the guard is scheduled for Sunday between the purple and white posts: Kasper Schmeichel is expected to return to goal for the match against Union SG.

After a long week of trouble with a painful groin since the match against Cercle Brugge, the Danish goalkeeper returned to the training field on Friday. With a week of rest behind him, he is ready to take his place in goal again, at the expense of Colin Coosemans, who in turn takes his place on the bench:

Schmeichel’s return is not only good news for the defense, but also for the team’s morale. The club has had a few down weeks in the Champions’ Play-offs, and Schmeichel’s presence could provide a big boost.

Schmeichel is more than just a goalkeeper, he has a huge impact on the team. La Dernière Heure even went so far as to label him as Anderlecht’s best player in the play-offs.

Schmeichel is more than a goalkeeper for Anderlecht

Kasper Schmeichel has been goalkeeping at top level in recent weeks and months, and it is not only his talent as a goalkeeper, but also his experience and personality that are making a significant difference.

Silvio Proto emphasized in La Dernière Heure that Schmeichel is a goalkeeper who is at his best in big games. “This experience is crucial. A goalkeeper who has experienced everything like he has, lives for these exciting matches.”

Thanks to his experience, bravado and maturity, Schmeichel also knows exactly when he should lie down and ask for medical help to slow down the pace of the match, or even manipulate the referee, such as with the much-discussed penalty against KRC Genk.

“The Dane has a strong personality. When Kasper asks something of his teammates, they carry it out and remain silent. Even Vertonghen would not enter into a conflict with him,” Alexandre Teklak also stated LDH.

“Schmeichel risked the year too much at Anderlecht”

Just a few months ago, Kasper Schmeichel was inundated with criticism. Expectations were high; everyone hoped for an immediate return from the Dane.

However, with his big name, record and status, Schmeichel also arrived with some shortcomings, such as being overweight, his lack of speed and unconvincing performances.

“He is just a shadow of the reliable cornerstone who won the Premier League with Leicester City in 2016. Playing away football is also particularly difficult. I am sure that the defense also sometimes throws the ball back with fear,” they said Radio Radzinski.

Imke Courtois even said that Schmeichel risked too much this year at Anderlecht. But since the turn of the year, Schmeichel has undergone a striking transformation. He looks fitter, stronger and sharper.

His explosiveness is back and he seems more athletic than at the start of the season. With impressive reflexes and exceptional orientation between the posts, thanks to his experience and self-confidence, he has amazed his critics.

“I still remember how Schmeichel was knocked down at Anderlecht before he had even played a minute. And now look: he may be one of the champion makers,” declared Philippe Vande Walle The newspapaer.

Improbable with the feet: Schmeichel lures opponents out of their tent

Kasper Schmeichel’s footballing ability should certainly not be underestimated. “As far as I’m concerned, Kasper is still a top-20 goalkeeper in the world. He is incredibly strong with his feet,” said Brian Riemer at the start of the season.

Although Schmeichel initially had some trouble with his feet and was even considered a high-risk patient, he has developed into a true playmaker in his own box in recent weeks and months.

“Schmeichel can send away fast attackers like no other. In the championship year with Leicester he provided six assists for Jamie Vardy,” Riemer said recently. Colin Coosemans has done well in goal in Schmeichel’s absence, but he cannot match the Dane’s footballing ability.

“He acts as an old-fashioned libero,” said The newspapaer fixed.

Sometimes he even seems a little too confident. “Kasper likes to do that because he is strong with the ball at his feet. In this way he wants to lure opponents out of their tent to set up the attack. I spoke to him about it: ‘Don’t take it too far.’ But Schmeichel is among the best in Belgium,” Riemer said recently.

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