Burgess risks 2 matches suspension for throw-in, Wijndal 1 for “light” headbutt

Burgess risks 2 matches suspension for throw-in, Wijndal 1 for “light” headbutt
Burgess risks 2 matches suspension for throw-in, Wijndal 1 for “light” headbutt

The Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Belgian Football Association wants to suspend Christian Burgess for two matches for his throw-in in the match against Genk. The Union defender threw the ball into Tolu. Antwerp player Owen Wijndal risks a match suspension for his “light headbutt”.

The red card for Christian Burgess was incomprehensible to many analysts, but not to the Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office. They follow referee Nicolas Laforge in his reasoning.

“Such actions, regardless of the intensity, have no place on a football field,” writes the Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office, which also believes that Tolu’s physical integrity has been endangered. In addition to the two-match suspension, the Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office also requests a postponed match and a 2,500 euro fine.

Union has already announced that it will not accept the proposal.

One match suspension is requested for the “deliberate light headbutt” of Owen Wijndal (Antwerp).

“After a few seconds, the player Hazard falls to the ground in a theatrical and completely exaggerated manner,” the Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office said. But the intensity of that action is of no importance and the Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office believes that Wijndal should have been able to control himself despite the provocation.

Because Wijndal has no previous suspensions, the federal public prosecutor’s office saw the opportunity to grant more postponement. It therefore wants a three-match suspension, two of which will be postponed, and a 2,000 euro fine.

De Bleeckere explains

Frank Debleeckere, head of the Referee Department, sheds light on both phases in “Under Review”.

“It was a difficult, confusing situation for the referee in Anderlecht,” he shares. “He did not see Wijndal’s head nod, which called him to the screen.”

“It is a typical action-reaction. You can give yellow for Hazard’s mistake, red for the reaction.”

On to Burgess’ throw, right in Tolu’s face: “The images are clear. Deliberate, with force. There is little argument at this stage.”


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