Heavy fire destroys well-known catering business in Bonheiden, extinguishing efforts are difficult: “Five neighbors were given oxygen” | Bonheiden


A serious fire raged in the center of Bonheiden on Sunday evening. The fire broke out in the studio section of the Gybels catering business. The manager was able to get out in time with his wife and daughter, but five neighbors suffered smoke intoxication and were taken to hospital. Kerkplein is designed as a fire brigade and ambulance centre.

Around 8 p.m., the emergency services were called to a fire at the Gybels butcher’s shop in Bonheiden. The center of the village was closed to traffic and the police and ambulances were also on site. The fire brigade receives assistance from various posts in the region. The smoke plume is visible in surrounding municipalities.

“I don’t think there have ever been so many fire teams in Bonheiden. It went very quickly. There was suddenly a lot of smoke, very intense. It’s really disgusting to see,” reports an eyewitness. “People come from neighboring houses and some people are given oxygen through a mask in the ambulance.” The police ask to keep windows and doors closed. In the meantime, Kerkplein has been set up as a fire brigade and ambulance center.

Two hours later, black smoke is still visible © Marc Aerts

“The cause is not yet known,” says Mayor Lode Van Looy, who is also on site. “The fire brigade is now trying to extinguish the fire mainly via the rear building. The fire broke out in the studio behind the shop, where the butcher does his preparatory work. The manager was at home with his wife and daughter. They were doing some paperwork when they heard the alarm go off, and they immediately walked outside. The people in the upcoming home also got outside in time. Five neighbors were overcome by smoke and were evacuated from their home. They were taken to hospital for evaluation.”

“It is currently still burning at the back of the warehouse and the fire brigade is busy putting out the fire,” reports a local resident. “The police want everyone to go inside and close all windows. It is not yet clear whether neighboring houses have also been damaged, most on this street have wooden fabrics. The warehouse has a flat roof and was built fairly recently. Roofing and insulation will certainly go up in flames, hence the black smoke.”

Firefighters are trying to extinguish the fire from the back of the building © Marc Aerts
Local residents are attracted to the flames and smoke.
Local residents are attracted to the flames and smoke. © Marc Aerts
Marc Aerts
© Marc Aerts
The fire is accompanied by enormous smoke development.
The fire is accompanied by enormous smoke development. © RV

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