Just a little longer: Easter holidays start wet and windy, but “Saturday 20 degrees or even more”

Just a little longer: Easter holidays start wet and windy, but “Saturday 20 degrees or even more”
Just a little longer: Easter holidays start wet and windy, but “Saturday 20 degrees or even more”

The Easter bells have not brought good weather, and the coming days promise to be very changeable and windy. Fortunately, our patience will be rewarded, says weatherman Frank Deboosere, with sun and warm temperatures towards the end of the week.

Monday afternoon It promises to remain mostly dry, with a chance of an occasional shower, temperatures of 13 or 14 degrees and a moderate wind, the RMI reports. There is a slightly more chance of showers towards the evening.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday announce themselves as variable, without outliers. “Showers and clear spells alternate and there is a lot of cloud. The chance of showers is greatest, especially in the afternoon,” says weatherman Frank Deboosere. “The wind blows from a south-westerly direction all week, making temperatures quite mild. It will be 13 degrees in Flanders on Tuesday, and the mercury will rise to 15 degrees on Wednesday and Thursday. There will be a lot of wind, especially on Thursday and Friday, but nothing exceptional. The cyclists might swear a little sometimes.”

From Friday it will be a bit warmer, about 17 degrees, and a bit drier again. But it will undoubtedly be the most beautiful day of the week Saturday. “Then we will have very warm temperatures for this time of year, with 20 degrees or even a little more,” says Deboosere. “The wind will therefore be less strong and it will remain dry, although there is a chance of some high and medium clouds. Anyone who wants to experience spring should go outside on Saturday.”

Sunday and start next week temperatures drop again to about 14 degrees. “That is still mild for this time of year. In the second week of the Easter holidays we remain above average. But the chance of a shower always remains there,” says Deboosere.

Warm but wet month of March

Now that March is behind us, we can also take stock of that month. At 9.1 degrees, it was exactly 2 degrees warmer than the average March. “March 2024 is therefore in the top ten of warmest March months ever for our country,” says Deboosere. Many people will have the feeling that spring has really started now, but in fact it is already in full swing. Nature is three weeks ahead of the average schedule, mainly due to those high temperatures. At the same time, it is true that the sun has not shone too much in the past month and that it is slightly wetter than normal.”

This is also evident from the figures: last month the sun shone for only 95 hours and 8 minutes, while normally it shines for 125 hours and 45 minutes. There was also 79.2 mm of precipitation, while the average is only 59.3 mm in March. “We can hope for more sun and less rain for April, but we really can’t complain in terms of temperatures,” Deboosere concludes.


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